1. PSFI says

    Love this so much how much tho ? # first comment

  2. eddzuki0 says

    Looks great. Will a wide boy bed chair fit inside??

  3. Clive Portelli says

    I seen stronger coat hangers looks flimsy cheap and nasty you could see it wobble all over the place and he only just touched it had tfl gear before stay well away from it if you ask me there are a lot better out the for just 100 pounds more and you can get the new titian Hyde xl

  4. Gary Cross says

    This is the carpzone airwave system minus the rod straps and more expensive!

  5. Brian Silver says

    Lol a heavy duty light weight ground sheet ,I brought the esp hide out its the nuts ,don't think il be swapping it for one of those

  6. Robert Long says

    Cheap looking

  7. Aaron Jewitt says

    Why has this guy only got 18k subs? His videos are amazing! You deserve so much more, keep up the good work 👍

  8. axel says

    welch ein Zufall, anderer Namen gleiches Brolly 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyY3X3Dk1GI

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