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Why KONTOUR? Tom Dove reveals invisible fluorocarbon carp fishing line | Korda 2019

Why KONTOUR? Tom Dove reveals invisible fluorocarbon carp fishing line | Korda 2019

Monster Carp presenter and Korda Carp Angler Tom Dove explains why he uses KONTOUR fluorocarbon main line for 80% of his carp fishing. Tom has 3 requirements when choosing his carp fishing main line:

☑️Low Stretch ☑️Sinks ☑️Invisible – KONTOUR ticks all the boxes.
Did you know? KONTOUR is now available in 15lb (0.35mm) and 18lb (0.37mm) for the first time in addition to the existing 12lb breaking strain.
Available from your local Korda stockist: RRP: £19.99 (200 metres)


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In session #02 – Oscar Brugger & Nicolò Aguggiaro (Korda Italy)

In session #02 - Oscar Brugger & Nicolò Aguggiaro (Korda Italy)

Oscar Brugger e Nicolò Aguggiaro affrontano un lago della zona A. Quindi una canna sola, pasturare e pescare di notte è vietato…Buona visione!


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Carp Academy 2018 – Korda Carp Fishing

Carp Academy 2018 - Korda Carp Fishing

A new wave of young Carp Fishing enthusiasts take part in Korda Carp Academy 2018. Budding young anglers from across the country came together for another fantastic event on the prolific Todber Manor.
Carp Academy is a program run by Korda Developments to encourage young anglers and teach them life long fishing skills. 23 enthusiastic 13-17 year old carp anglers to Todber Manor Fisheries, Dorset. We then assigned them to some of Team Korda’s finest angling minds including Tom Dove, Darrell Peck, Simon Scott and Rob burgess. Every element of carp fishing was taught including the fundamentals like identifying hook sharpness, finding the fish and casting accurately.

Lessons were learned, a huge amount of carp caught, PB’s were smashed and plenty of laughs were had! Thank you to everyone who took part especially the students, we are already seeing the rewards from catch shots they send us on a regular basis and we look forward to seeing them continue to progress in the future

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Monster Carp Series 4 – Official Trailer ITV4 | Korda Carp Fishing

Monster Carp Series 4 - Official Trailer ITV4 | Korda Carp Fishing

Monster Carp is back and it’s bigger than ever! Series 4 of the most action packed Carp Fishing show on the planet returns on ITV4. Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Neil Spooner team up for their most action packed series to date travelling the globe in search of huge carp.

The guys set their sights to some of the most unique and exciting venues in the world, pitting their years of angling experience against some of fishings biggest challenges! A mammoth 90minute Croatian special is followed by Slovenia, Italy and one of the most historical venues of all time in France. All provide a stunning, dramatic backdrop throughout the entire series and some of the most amazing, almost unimaginable captures you will ever see! One of which may be the most sought after capture of any carp angler.

Each episode will be shown for the first time on ITV4 consecutive weeks, over a four week period. The new series will begin 8pm ITV4 Thursday 11th July. With repeats to be announced.

Episode 1 – CROATIA – 90 MIN SPECIAL (RELEASED 11th JULY 2019)
Episode 2 – SLOVENIA (RELEASED 18th JULY 2019)
Episode 3 – ITALY (RELEASED 25th JULY 2019)

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Mein Frühjahr – Im Interview mit Felix Hetzmannseder

Mein Frühjahr  - Im Interview mit Felix Hetzmannseder

Felix Hetzmannseder hat dieses Jahr die Saison seines Lebens. Bereits im zeitigen Frühling hat der erst 23-jährige Österreicher mit einer Serie an guten Fischen für Aufsehen gesorgt und sein Lauf scheint nicht abzureißen.Wir haben ihn für euch vor die Kamera geholt und zu seinem Vorgehen beim Karpfenangeln im Frühling und Frühsommer befragt.


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Land meer vissen tijdens het KARPERVISSEN met de CHOD RIG

Land meer vissen tijdens het KARPERVISSEN met de CHOD RIG

Wil je meer vangen en minder lossen tijdens het karpervissen met de chod rig?

Kevin Diederen geeft handige tips die je gelijk toe kan passen als je weer op pad gaat met deze populaire pop-up montage.

Volg ons op:
Website: https://

Wij als Korda zijn er enorm trots op dat wij in samenwerking met ons gehele team innoverende en kwalitatieve hengelsport producten ontwikkelen. Producten waar u als visser iets aan heeft, beter van wordt en die tenslotte waar voor uw geld bieden. Kwaliteit en innovatie staan bij ons voorop en wij doen dan ook ons uiterste best om enkel en alleen de beste producten te ontwikkelen.

Feedback, problemen of klachten?
Als u feedback, problemen of klachten met betrekking tot een Korda product heeft, neem dan gelijk contact met ons op. Hoewel wij producten met de grootst mogelijke zorg ontwerpen en enkel genoegen nemen met het beste, kan het toch zo zijn dat er eens iets fout gaat. Uw opmerking of probleem wordt altijd met de hoogst mogelijke urgentie in behandeling genomen!

Heeft u een idee dat u graag met ons wilt delen? Neem dan contact met ons op en misschien kan uw idee wel omgezet worden in een nieuw product! Wij garanderen u dat uw idee in behandeling wordt genomen.

Bij de ontwikkeling van een nieuw product komen natuurlijk allerlei facetten aan bod. Zo zal er marktonderzoek gedaan moeten worden, maar ook moet er gekeken worden naar inkoop van grondstoffen, productie mogelijkheden en ga zo maar door. Het is dus niet zo dat ieder idee zomaar vertaald kan worden naar een nieuw product.

U kunt ons altijd contacteren via onderstaand mail adres of per telefoon:
T: 0031 (0)45-5470880


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Darrell Peck – Adjustable Zig Rig Carp Fishing at Linear | DEEPER Pro Plus

Darrell Peck - Adjustable Zig Rig Carp Fishing at Linear | DEEPER Pro Plus

Korda carp fishing machine Darrell Peck uses a DEEPER Pro Plus along with an adjustable zig rig. Find out how he uses it to catch some beautiful carp from Hardwick and Smiths on the Linear Fisheries complex.
Darrell visited Linear Fisheries to film a session video on the famous Hardwick and Smiths. Due to its varying depths it’s the perfect lake to showcase just how useful the Deeper Pro+ can be and why Pecky uses it. The weather, at the time, was inconsistent so Darrell had a variety of options on how he could fish… including zigs, adjustable zigs and on the bottom.
Darrell Peck explains, in his own words, how the approached this short 48 hour session:
“Arriving to the ChristmasTree Swim on Hardwick-Smiths I saw several fish show. Having never fished that swim I wanted to get a rough idea of the depth in this area so I could set my zig rigs accordingly…. initially I thought my DEEPER was broken. As when I cast it in the area I had seen the activity the screen instantly become filled with fish icons. It was only once pulled it back and they disappeared that I realised what I had already seen was the tip of a mother pod of carp sat over deep water. My opening gambit was an 8 foot zig, but after an hour without incident I knew something wasn’t right. Another quick cast with the deeper showed they were still there and I decided to change to an adjustable zig rig so I could work the layers without needing to recast. Setting the zig 6’ down had the desired effect and from that point forward I was waiting on average just just 30mins between takes. This fish was the biggest at just over 30lbs”
FOR A LIMITED TIME 💥 FREE Spinner Pack inc: Kurv Hooks (Size 4), Krank Hooks (Size 4), Medium Kickers, Spinner Swivels, Micro Rig Swivel, Floss Caps,Hook Beads and 25lb Boom


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Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Episode 3: Linear – Danny Fairbrass & Lawrence East | Korda Carp Fishing

Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Episode 3: Linear - Danny Fairbrass & Lawrence East | Korda Carp Fishing

NEW Linear Fisheries B1 – Carp angler Danny Fairbrass is joined by Korda sponsored angler Lawrence East at one of the UK’s best big carp day ticket fisheries… Linear Fisheries, Oxford. In this episode of Thinking Tackle On Demand the guys take on a lake known as Brasenose One, home to two and a half thousand carp.

Danny arrives to find Loz already set up and “working his arse off” but with nothing to show for it… yet. Danny F decides to start the session with Zigs after seeing hundreds of fish on the surfaces whilst the camera guys were flying the drone. Black, Yellow and Brown foam cannot tempt the fish over several hours so Danny decides to put out the bottom baits. With no boilies in sight, he spombs out sweetcorn and hopes the fish will begin dropping onto his baited area.

Danny explains; “This session is all about effort and Loz is the man to show you how to do it”. Watch as the guys show you all the tips and tricks to get bites on a highly pressured, but highly stocked venue.

This Thinking Tackle is a great representation of ‘modern day’ carp fishing and showcases what lots of people have to deal who may not be on a syndicate. The venue is a Mecca for carp anglers as there really are so many big fish due to the amount of bait that gets fed into the lakes. A large amount of thirty and forty pound fish is the reason lots of anglers travel from all over to visit Linear Fisheries.

Danny F goes through how he finds his spots when marketing and also talks about his decision to use only sweetcorn alongside plastic corn hook baits.

Loz takes a slightly different approach and sends one of his baits “Margaret the maggot” out to spread the word that the guys are desperate for a fish. With Danny focusing on corn, Loz decides to fish with maggots and uses them medusa style as a hook-bait. He attempts to separate himself from other anglers on the lake to grab a bite.

The high pressure and hot weather slowly begin to change and that night Danny manages to net the first carp of the session. In his own words “my first Brasenose carp for about 10 years” and its a pretty 21lb mirror carp.

Following this fish it all goes quiet, watch as Danny and Loz talk about approaching quiet spells when fishing and how to approach the situation when the fish are simply not feeding. The two experienced anglers give an insight into how they react and deal with the less than ideal scenario, including how often (or not) to keep baiting even though the bites are not happening.

Loz decides a move is the best way to combat the lack of action and heads for an area that clearly has fish present. A few zigs fired out amongst them and then spodded over the top.

“Fishing with Loz is exhausting, its always inspiring to fish with people that are very aggressive in their fishing, very driven. Its like fishing with Darrell, it makes you fish harder because you are trying to catch up… there is no slouching allowed”.

As it gets dark Dan’s first rod off the baited spot is away and he battles to guide it away from disturbing the other rods. With Loz on hand and “rubbered up” in his waders already he nets Dan’s second B1 carp of the session. It is his BIGGEST Brasenose carp ever! A pretty 30lb 04oz mirror with a nice collection of large scales around its tail.

The guys continue to battle on and eventually the hard work pays on for both Loz and Danny… including another Brasenose 1 PB for Danny.

Tips, tactics and an insight into fishing with plastic baits and maggots gives this episode a classic Thinking Tackle feel. It’s one not to be missed.

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