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Pure Tuna Liquid

Pure Tuna Liquid is relatively new on the scene, it’s a super-rich, very potent, highly digestible and very attractive liquid. Which as the name suggests is extracted from Tuna, in a totally raw format. Adam Penning runs us through what…

In Session | Gaz Fareham

During a 36-hour visit to RDAA’s Junction 12 Lake, Gaz Fareham experiences a flurry of action. In just one morning, he lands three thirty-pounders in quick succession and explains the baiting approach and rigs that he used to do it.…


Join carp catching machine Tom Maker, as he reveals his top-tips on supercharging his bait with the newly released and super soluble Fish Sauce Bait Soak. #StickyBaits #FishSauce #CarpFishing source