1. Rolandas Bagdonavicius says

    Epic video as always

  2. Logan says

    wanna be friends?

  3. ben goshawk says

    Decade of poaching more like😂😂 I dabble in a little bit myself caught a few beauties had a few close calls aswell keep up the good work

  4. Roofing contractors says

    Followed the whole journey from start to present, some great destinations fished , some superb carp caught , very humble guy , looking forward to the next one , wet lines

  5. Ray Maulkerson says

    Keep them coming 👍

  6. Geriatric Carper says

    I don’t think there’s a better series than johns drive and survive, it just makes you wanna go fishing, John thank you mate 👌🎣

  7. luke chapman says

    brilliant john what 10 years you've had.

  8. luke chapman says

    love your videos mate what epic ten years of angling you've had

  9. Clive Copland says

    Great angling and superb camera work, always a pleasure to watch . Keep it up fella 👍

  10. Lee Emery says


  11. Nick Allen says

    Great series my favourite by a long shot, hope for more in the not to distant future 👌 his rant about the bloke with the pen knife in the early hours of the morning was a highlight 🤣

  12. Jens vs Alex says

    Keep filming John, from a belgian fan👍

  13. River Man says

    Brilliant John, thank you! 😀

  14. Nick Flitter says


  15. Brian says

    Lovely to see some of his old videos redone with some touch ups. Always awesome and amazing to watch, always look forward to John Timmermans videos!

  16. thegent 22 says

    Legendary. Thank you, Sir.

  17. Jody Trayte says

    Simply brilliant stuff…love these videos!! Completely capture what it is all about 👍🎣

  18. Matthew Powney says

    Thanks John, some great memories there

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