1. The Angler Files says

    Yes!!! Been waiting for more drive and survive!!

  2. John Moorfield says

    John, where have you been?! Your vlogs are second to none, buddy. Please do more…

  3. Brian says

    Awesome fish John! Always a pleasure watching, keep it up man!

  4. Nigel Jinks says


  5. Matthew Groom says

    Proper fishing best blogs out there !! Really enjoy watching them !! Going quit my job and head off 2 France !!!

  6. cwcarper says

    Brilliant man👍

  7. RJA says

    Realy look forward to you videos john you need to do more

  8. Alex87 says


  9. Scott Kinder says

    Some stunning fishing there John well done pal 👍🏼 hurry up and do another video 😂👍🏼🎣

  10. johngmls says

    At the 5m 12s mark is that four turtles on the tree as they don't look like ducks?

  11. Carping Chris Whitehall says

    Mr Timmermans the scarlet pimpernel indeed. Been waiting for what seems like years to see you back. Hopefully we will see some more from you. Another great Vlog fella, respect to you.

  12. Andy Church says

    Long time waiting for this film John……….. awesome

  13. Tjoelker _ says

    Real nice to see a video again from you John. Would be great to see more new videos from you.
    Pure raw carp fishing 👌

  14. Simon Hopkins says

    Excellent as per usual. 👍👍

  15. Jason Dibble says

    Great to see these back 🙂

  16. Nick Allen says

    Nice one John it's been a while. Enjoyed that little snippet. Your vids are always a good watch and no doubt have inspired many a public water session. Look forward to the next one

  17. The Consistent Noddy says

    Missed your adventures mate 👍

  18. juan pienaar says

    Been waiting for a new episode for awhile … and finally it’s here 😁😁😁😁😁 great work as always…

  19. Gregg Beere says

    I thought you could only catch carp with banging euro House in the background 🙄

  20. Ben Tyler says

    Brilliant as usual John , raw and just how we like it… more please sir.

  21. Paul Woodley says

    Excellent to see John back Driving and surviving again, well worth the wait🤙

  22. Savage Gear says

    I have been waiting for Johns adventures like crazy 🙂 best session videos on the youtube from him thats for sure.I wish he could do lot more but im happy with 1video/year as well 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  23. Gunga Pea says

    Your back!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  24. Boxing Fan says

    Really good to see you back on the Bank John. One of the best Carp bloggers around and a real inspiration. Plus the music's taken a turn

  25. Marcus Downes says

    Great adventure john, epic water craft, you make it so fluent such is how it should be.

  26. Martin Lawrence says

    Worth the wait…love John's films!

  27. David Ellerby says

    Great to see your back John, always an inspiration 🙂

  28. liquidoslakki says

    Brute of a canal mirror!

  29. Kevin Hicks says

    Always look forward to these videos. Nothing complicated, if you look you will find em! Great viewing as always John 👍👍

  30. rick de jong says

    Best carp vids on youtube get him on moore 😉

  31. Cyprymike says

    These videos are awesome proper fishing and proper adventures! We want more!

  32. Andrew Dixon says

    So glad you are back fella 👍

  33. RAJ Mcguiness says

    Hello mate and welcome back,where have you been??? Been missing your uploads 🥺😔Nice fish as always. 👍👍👍👍👍

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