1. Great tips and great catches! I will try some of these on my channel. Thanks for the tips and video! 👍

  2. Craig Render says

    Can’t believe you named your pop ups after our YouTube channel what a legend 😂😂😂😂tight lines from the NORTHERN CARP FREAKS 🎣🎣👍👍

  3. markmason13 says

    Nice info mark well done mate, keep up the good work.

  4. charlotte hull says

    Well whilst that was a relatively short peice I found it the most informative one I've watched xx

  5. lee hall says

    Did you realise you have a squirrel hibernating in the front of your jacket ?😂
    Good vid as normal though Mark 👍

  6. All the time same tips same rigs same tactic. Boring Boring Boring. Just show how many carps you caught and that’s all.

  7. andrew tate says

    Was this on a day ticket lake does it have vehicle access round it ?

  8. andrew tate says

    Good vid 👍

  9. David Tinton says

    Good sound advice put across as usual in your inimitable style.
    Blowing a right hooley here!

  10. addicted2CarpFishingTV says

    Cracking brace Mark! I always enjoy your vlogs! Location location location is so so important especially in winter! This is what I tell my view's on my channel! Looking forward to your next carp life! Keep up the good work! Tight lines and wet nets 🎣

  11. yousif karim says

    cheers mate great info

  12. ViresOfficial says

    5:23 haha looks like someones pissing in the cup

  13. Mattie Mclean says

    Thanks for pronouncing "wafter" correctly!! Many well known anglers dont!!

  14. Chris & Sam Living the Dream says

    Awesome… when are carp freaks pop ups released .. cheers Chris & Sam

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