1. quench1234 says


  2. Joni the boi says

    Are the carp freaks popups on sale yet??
    Some stunning fish there dude 🎣🎣👍

  3. Peter van der borg says

    Stunning fish Harry

  4. John Moorfield says

    Superb session and a great video

  5. charlotte hull says

    Harry in front of the camera alot more lately and deservedly so, won gold for England once although he doesn't like to brag😉😉

  6. Shaun Grundy says

    Great session, some lovely fish had all round. What spod rod are you using ? because the snap back on that evening in slow motion was fast. All the best with your fishing Harry 🤝

  7. チャンネルADA says

    nice fish! (゜▽゜*)

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