1. Tim says

    amazing video keep it up bro

  2. Nigel Jinks says

    Someone been fishing river lott

  3. Law V says

    Nice video !

  4. addicted2carpfishingTV says

    Thank you very much! I watched a few videos about this way of fishing! Looks like a proper edge! Effort equals reward, I definitely wanna have ago at this when we are all fortunate enough to be Abel to! Brilliant insight to the washing line method thanks! Stay safe 🎣💯✌️

  5. Trip Fishing & My Life says

    Woww.. Great… nice fish.. 👍


    Thanks for the vid. Look forward to trying it out when we can get on the bank! 👍🤙

  7. ian leicester says

    unless there is someone on your rods, you would be banned on most of the top lakes for having a baited rig in the water and not being on your rods, as a bite can be instant. fish safety comes before fancy fishing.

  8. spatewater says

    We will have forgotten all that after the Plandemic is turned off .

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