ESP – Rucksack 40-Litre


ESP – Rucksack 40-Litre

Getting a rucksack ergonomically correct whilst still making it a practical fishing bag can be quite tricky. The mountaineering type rucksacks are designed with comfort in mind but these are usually deep making it awkward to access essential items at the bottom of the bag, whilst also refusing to stand upright when not in use.

The new ESP Rucksack offers the best of both worlds. It is exceptionally comfortable to carry, sitting high on the back and the correct dimensions mean that it does not have a tendency to hang off the back, whilst still offering a very generous capacity of approximately 40 litres. Made using the same durable materials as the cool bag and carryalls and also featuring a reinforced base, the rucksack has three large zipped external pockets, with the front one being roomy enough to accommodate a large plastic tackle box.

Also on the outside is a pair of adjustable webbing straps for carrying an unhooking mat plus of course comfortable, well-padded adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable sternum strap. The back panel is also padded.

The main compartment is accessed through a zipped lid which features a tough size 10 zip covered with a rain baffle. The inside is Tardis-like and although the overall dimensions are compact the central compartment can accommodate a serious amount of gear – whilst still being comfortable to carry!

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