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Over the years the popularity of different rigs and presentations fluctuates hugely, and Kev Hewitt has tried most of ’em! Despite its wide spread use and massive popularity, Kev doesn’t believe the Ronnie Rig is any less effective and at one point ammassed over 100 fish without losses on the BARBLESS version! It is no wonder Kev has settled on this presentation for around 4 years, focussing on watercraft and baiting to achieve his jaw dropping results on some of the most pressured waters in the country. #espcarpgear #terminator #curve6 #tungstenloaded


  1. Roy Close says

    Can't understand why use barbless it ruins the fishes mouth s

  2. Rod Duster says

    Bollox that carp don't wise up to rigs! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. azaz z says

    what bead was he using on that hook?

  4. Kreso Marin says

    I tested ronnie rig with Popus, wafters and botom bait and hook holds are absolutly awsome every single time. When using a hingde stiff I get a lot of miss takes and fish that are hooked with hindge seems to be hook deeper into the mouth but ronnie always nail then at the center of bottom lip. I started using ronnie 2 seasons ago to see what the fuss was all about and its in my top 3 rigs in using.
    Cheers Kev
    Cheers ESP

  5. CastAirLead says

    Kev is a great angler! Use proven bits and focus on baiting and watercraft.

  6. X pooRS says

    i cant find corn that stays boyant for a ronnie

  7. Garry Brown says

    This man is in a different league 😳

  8. awo goodgate says

    Woooww!!!that huge carp fish.. amazing

  9. Voeding 2.0 says

    Plastic corn, GMO carp, syndicate carp lakes. No thank you.

  10. Nigel Jinks says


  11. X V says

    What hook does he use please

  12. Vijay B says

    super bro from India

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