1. Thank you NHS says


  2. Dave Dowson says

    Looks great

  3. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. by hi ho says

    Any chance of making a 10ft rod sleeves for my onyx.

  5. Jal Bangla Fishing says


  6. Luke Holmes says

    A 10ft bag is whats needed ffs

  7. Rob Collier 55 says

    esp scope

  8. Smok Rex says

    Hello, I am from Iraq and a subscriber to your channel. I wanted to ask what is the best taste of carp in hot weather, because as you know, the atmosphere of Iraq is very hot and the thickness of the carp is few

  9. Steven Reeves says

    Any chance in making rod sleeves for the terry hearn 12ft 9in rods ? .

  10. Simon Greening says

    See a sneaky look at the camo unhooking mat on the barrow at the end 😁

  11. gary millard says

    Will the reel pouches be available separately or as part of the hold-all?

  12. Gary Chapman UK Gardening says

    mostly pointless stuff then really! old dog old tricks!

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