Still Floating – Terry Hearn – Iconic Carp Fishing


Join Terry aboard The Lady Pearl for the second film in these River Thames specials! Full of action and amazing carp, ‘Still Floating’ see’s Tel pursue the spots he had ‘rocking’ in the first half of the campaign, as well as a few familiar areas come to life and provide some mega fishing.


  1. simon vandrill says

    Absolutely epic, If you dislike this film you are no true carper.

  2. rivercarplife says

    Awesome stuff, roll on the 16th πŸ’š

  3. The Imperial Angler says

    I think the cameraman and production team also require a pat on the back,they also bring Terry's story to life , including the footage from the TEL CAM of his observations and captures on the Thames. As many have said a great orator. I'm sure that we all wish you and everyone else the very best in whatever quarry you seek now that some restrictions have been lifted πŸ‘

  4. Revilo Redlen says


  5. AnExperimentedTerror says

    Phenomenal as always! Mr Hearn & the rest of the ESP crew thank you. I’d love to see a film with Terry fishing for Barbel and other species on the Thames.

  6. kirt121 says

    Just amazing.

  7. James Reynolds says

    Ooooo could this be esp looking to treat mr Hearn to a new boat he deserves it !!!

  8. alan .strickland says

    simply no one does Terry Hearn better than the man himself, epic stuff

  9. The Cambridge Carper says

    Loved it.πŸ€™πŸ‘

  10. Lee Bracey says

    Perfect Monday material πŸ‘Œ enough said 🎣

  11. Peter Tomlinson says

    Pure quality

  12. Paul Martin says

    There’s always something magical to a Terry Hearn film and this is no exception. Seeing the man and listening to his stories always makes me eager to wet a line. Keep up the great work Terry and E.S.P! Many thanks as always. 🎣

  13. Mark Leigh says

    Bloody legend πŸ’–

  14. mr w says

    ESP absolute quality production of a great man by a great brand. Thankyou so much for these, they are superb. Good on ya tel, your a total legend, and I could watch and listen to ya all day everyday.

  15. Leo M. says

    Epic πŸ”₯

  16. ollie f says

    This style of fishing from a boat is sadly so out of reach for most anglers …. Still love your Attenborourgh stylee though… Thank you xx

  17. GoMezz Name says

    And Chris Evans said " F**kin 'ell , It's Terry Hearn !! Wonder if I can get a photo with him and an autograph, he's my Hero"

  18. Ben Gibson says

    Completely agree mate who the hell dislikes a Hearn video guys a legend

  19. John Moorfield says

    Another brilliant video. Terry is such an engaging angler. It’s almost as if we were there with him!

  20. Rasmus Keis Neerbek says

    This is you know, Terry Hearn you know. Great video you know, and fantastic angler you know. Yes we know πŸ˜‰

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