1. dantecarp says


  2. gwl78 says

    I was out in ciara too definitly an experience lol.

  3. James McPherson says

    Cracking session 🎣👍👊 lovely 38lb Common, top angling

  4. David Tinton says

    Nice result again. Be nice if you showed your rigs and perhaps explain your set up.

  5. Bonjour duvet says

    Before you weigh Laney, check the fins mate, you should no this

  6. Georgey says

    Good angling, take the dog next time love to see her playing

  7. Mattie Mclean says

    What is the theory regarding Simmo's being prone to having lumps on their sides?

  8. Phil Brown's Fishing says

    Glad to know there's not only me sets off without wallets, and stuff lol. I live in a one way street and I often set off without something, the neighbours must thing I've lost the plot going round the block two and three times in a morning. Nice catches by the way. Love watching the blog.

  9. paul lawrence says

    Be nice for a change to see you actually getting one in!

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