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How to tie a Diawl Bach from Fishtec

Kieron Jenkins ties the deadly diawl bach. A fly with many different variants, it’s a great fly to learn all the basic tying techniques.

It’s an all time favourite amongst competition anglers used mostly on small stillwaters, lakes and reservoirs. The Diawl Bach imitates an emerging, hatching buzzer but can also be taken for a host of other nymphs, tied in many various guises and colours the Diawl is ideal for replicating the hatch of many other water-born insects such as olives and mayflies.

Diawl Bach Tying Materials
Hook: Kamasan b175 Size 10
Thread: Brown Uni Thread
Tail: 5/6 strands Red Game
Rib: Gold Wire
Body: Peacock Herl
Cheeks: Silver Holographic
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Beard hackle: 5/6 strands red game
Head: Fl.Orange 140 UTC


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