TF Gear Force 8 continental beach rod from Fishtec


The heavy beach casters are still required on the UK beaches in the midst of winter, but though spring, summer and autumn the sunshine and clear water prompt the adoption of the finesse so common in the Continental style of shore fishing for the smaller species.

A second rod is now standard with lots of shore anglers, one specifically designed for casting overhead with smaller baits to long range using fixed spool reel and light lines. This allows lighter lines to be continued on to the rig in safety with the target species being bottom, mid water and surface fishes. Bites are magnified by this system, whilst most anglers also enjoy the enhanced fishing feel and enjoyment of such tackle, even the small species can show some resistance, especially with braid line.

The Continental is rated100 to 250 grams, but this is the total casting load so heavy leads and a whole squid are not what this rod is about. It has a fixed reel seat and is designed only for fixed spool reel with the big pit or Continental coned spool design most suitable (check out the Delta GT range) and lines down to 6lb mono or the micro braids.

In three sections at 4.75metres in length it means the user can extend trace length and fish with the aid of pop ups on the sea bed and up off it at the same time with light snoods and hooks under a size 4.


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