We recently caught up with Rich Wilby for a short session on a private lake. A man with who loves to fish for all species, Rich wanted to target the carp on this lake but wasn’t at all put off when a couple of surprise sturgeon put his roving setup to the test.

When time is limited, it pays to have essential tackle to hand so you can drop in to your local water and enjoy a few hours exploring and catching the unexpected!
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  1. Terry stones says

    * Sturgeon Fishing TV *

  2. Tony Makin says

    Did you offer it to the Queen?

  3. Bryony Schmitt says

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  4. Ali Ulugun says

    Had a nice 20 lb sturgeon out the other year. Caught write under the rods. Tight lines

  5. Dylan North says

    you remind me of Harry Charington every time I watch yo rich but sound like a cross between Harry and Alfie russ 😂 well in lad 👌

  6. Fish Cutting Skills says

    Caught write under the rods bro

  7. mcarp says

    Great video!!

  8. brendan ford says

    This was playing in the background and I could swear it was Harry on the vid, short sessions=solid bags. fish off the barrow and don’t stay in one swim

  9. Jonathan Dangleterre says

    Bravo pour fox de mettre un esturgeon dans une épuisette…tsss

  10. Martyn's Angling Adventures says

    Nice watch guys!

  11. Ben willis says

    The diamondback sturgeon fight very hard👌

  12. diabetictoffee says

    Is this basically filmed with a drone?

  13. LampLighter Piper says

    Ridiculous music choice.

  14. Peter Folkard says

    So rich willbe now work for fox about time he realised nash ain't all that and why do he always looks so stoned that big sturgeon flapping made me think of the cat slapping you round the face hahaha and 10 minutes away from your house that's in your back garden rich

  15. ben freeman says

    I have a starlet about 10lb in my koi pond I can hand feed him, great vid 🎣🇬🇧

  16. CC Moore TV says

    Lovely Rich! Great work!

  17. Gregg Beere says

    Really like this guy, natural and enthusiastic. The slow mo of him sprinting, was like watching a dad's race at the school sports day…hilarious 👍

  18. Julien Pillot says

    Bonjour, l esturgeon dans l epuisette…pas terrible! Cdlt 🦊😉🎣

  19. King of the pond 88 says

    What venue was this please ?

  20. Ein Fremder says

    I think you hooked the second fish at the tail and put the hook in the mouth for the video…

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