***CARP FISHING TV*** FOX Social Shelter


The Social Shelter is the hub of the long session, if you are partaking in a long bankside trip with your family, this is the ideal space to prepare your daily meals, tie rigs, prep bait or just generally chill out.

Fox Fishing TV is home to a huge collection of carp fishing videos. With clips and films ranging from, The Challenge with Mark Pitchers and Chilly’s Vlog to all the very latest product videos and Free Carp Fishing DVD’s at Fox Fishing TV we have carp-related content covered. Fox International is one of the world’s biggest carp fishing tackle manufacturers, supplying well over 3000 products to carp anglers who require quality fishing tackle that is up to our exceptionally high standards. Items such as bivvies, bedchairs, rods, reels, luggage, right the way through to end tackle like hooks, hooklinks and swivels. We hope you enjoy our videos and if you do please like, share and comment.


  1. Jay Pope says

    Gazebo ?😂

  2. Yardplay MacBride says

    It's a sex tent

  3. Roxy Osborne says

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  4. Stephen Williams says


  5. Martin Collins says

    How much fishing equipment do people need ,for crying out loud 🙄.

  6. Kevin Bridgewater says

    We aren't meant to be socialising at the moment maybe next year lol

  7. Jasonwrx1111 says

    It's a £460 gazebo

  8. Francis Jimenez says

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  9. Solar))))))

  10. G Badge says

    Can you get a fox branded kitchen sink?

  11. luke barnes fishing says

    Yet another useless fishing item

  12. Dean Henry says

    0how much is this 79 quid gazebo anyone know

  13. carper stu vinter says

    Remember lads stay 2m apart 😂😂 or at least 1m . One person in each corner we will be ok 👌

  14. Karl Jamieson says

    Seen it all know

  15. Natalya Bostock says

    I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

  16. Alanis Porter says

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  17. Just Ben says

    One social shelter and the new recliner chair. £600 gone … lol

  18. iain mayo says

    It's just a gazebo!!!!

  19. Carp Team says

    Sub sub sub

  20. goodcat1982 says

    what a waste of money. Sad tackle tarts might like it though.

  21. brendan ford says

    Ok I guess…but my biggest fear is some bright spark out there plotting up with this as there bivvy. It will happen you wait, the ridge monkey is not far off this size either.

  22. Leroid Footlong says

    450 quid,you can stick it.

  23. Boz Boston says

    What a load of bollox

  24. deathfromabove592 says

    Overpriced gazebo, wouldn`t last 2 mins on rainbow looking at it. Much better alternatives at a fraction of the cost available from many camping outlets,, beginning to hate this company with a passion for their inflated carp tax on everything they knock out.. 450GBP… hahahaha. Fox tackle is the least innovative company in the fishing industry FACTS.

  25. BookerBulldogs says

    £460 for a glorified 30 quid garden gazebo. Framework looks exactly the same 😂 good luck it surviving anything more than a breeze

  26. Alex says

    Its a gazebo wtf

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