***CARP FISHING TV*** Green & Silver Winter Suit


Keep warm this winter with our proven Carp Winter suit, this best seller has been keeping the cold at bay for many years, and with a few design updates, it will continue to ensure you hardcore winter anglers can keep focused and keep catching even when the temperatures are below zero.

Fox Fishing TV is home to a huge collection of carp fishing videos. With clips and films ranging from, The Challenge with Mark Pitchers and Chilly’s Vlog to all the very latest product videos and Free Carp Fishing DVD’s at Fox Fishing TV we have carp-related content covered. Fox International is one of the world’s biggest carp fishing tackle manufacturers, supplying well over 3000 products to carp anglers who require quality fishing tackle that is up to our exceptionally high standards. Items such as bivvies, bedchairs, rods, reels, luggage, right the way through to end tackle like hooks, hooklinks and swivels. We hope you enjoy our videos and if you do please like, share and comment.


  1. Louis Barker says

    Shame about the huge logo on the back as the jacket looks awesome apart from that.

  2. lee pinder says

    Wots the damage

  3. Simon Greening says

    E.S.P. all the way 😉

  4. Mirko Bazoli says


  5. Danny Cochrane says

    £159.99 RRP

  6. Horror freak London says

    Agreed on the logo….bit big…like a biker jacket…

  7. lennon says

    I have finally located last years coat over the weekend and as I already have this years you can see a mass difference in built quality, materials used and the modern items all reduce quality and so glad I have last years.
    It feels more quality and is a beast of a suit..

    This years however is just a money saving idea that we can be charged the same price but with less quality ..

    Tut tut fox as I'm a massive camolite fan

  8. Mark Miller says

    Shame about the big logo on the back put me off it straight away.

  9. Dr. Schultz says

    prefer the trakker core multi suit.

  10. superhoop1299 says

    When will a tackle company have a size that fits us tall people? I’m 6 foot 5 and nothing is ever long enough. Your bigger sizes just go wider not longer. Tall people are not wider just taller. There are plenty of people that are 6 foot plus but not xxxl wide.

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