***CARP FISHING TV*** LewDogs Vlog 3


LewDog is back again! In this vlog Lew speaks about his recent fishing exploits on the Big Ski Pit and his Lincolnshire syndicate, as well as a few guest sessions on other venues. Piper the carp dog spends her first night on the bank and there is also some excellent news for Lewis’ Fiancé Abi!

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  1. F2wwe stylers says

    Class video
    Realty enjoyed it

  2. lee munslow says

    7 weeks close season. That's shit

  3. Mark Kinnersley says

    Good stuff mate lovely fish from ya syndicate
    But fancy blaming the poor dog for blanking lol

  4. Jane Marriott says

    Great vid, we all go through lean spells of not catching. Glad to see you come out of it. Congrats to Abbie, your best catch.

  5. TjDolHaus86 says

    A quick tip for whoever does the thumbnails for the videos – if you put a red strip across the bottom of the image it looks exactly the same as a thumbnail of a video you've already watched (ie. youtube adds a red progress bar) when you're scrolling through the subscription feed.

  6. DanGoesOutdoors says

    I freakin love white chocolate! That cake looked amazing! Good vlog as well haha

  7. Richard Brabbs says

    Blaming your dog for a lean spell clutching at straws there fella

  8. Alan Haigh says

    Brill video, quick question did you nick the title music from John Wilsons 'Go Fishing'?:)

  9. Adam says

    Had some good times on the foundry.

  10. BAD Fishing BissAnschlagDrill says

    🎣👌🏼Nice fishing vid👍🏼 check out my stuff🎣 Greetings from Germany🇩🇪

  11. P G says

    fell asleep after 3 minutes

  12. John Charlton says

    Jesus!!! Lewis!!!!! You've managed to kill my mojo with that vlog.come across proper depressive fella.We all go through lean spells.pick ya atse up and get on them carp.!!!

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