***CARP FISHING TV*** Mozza Vs Wilson


With his tail between his legs after enduring 3 tough defeats, Mozza returns having honed his skills to face his next opponent. It will be no easy feat though, with his latest opponent having bags of skill proven to outwit some of the country’s finest big fish, it’s none other than Jim Wilson! Tune in to see who wins! *Spoiler alert – this episode contains the biggest fish of the series so far!!

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  1. Edens tube says

    21:39….. watch Wilson run into a bite

  2. Ady Fytche says

    Well done Mozza you had a scorcher !!

  3. Brunty says

    Mozza finally getting a win well done mozza and proper duffed him up as well unlucky Jim top vid👍

  4. Alan Haigh says

    This popped up just at the right time… bored shitless something good to watch cheers chaps!!!

  5. Kyle Groves says

    Cracking video as always. Plenty of laughs throughout and some cracking fish you caught mozza

  6. jamie elliott says

    Nice one mozza

  7. darko lasnik says

    tires in swims? what next?

  8. Phil Lowry says

    Lee, grow a beard or get rid. Weird.

  9. The solo carper says

    Mozza vs alan blair

  10. Sean Boyle says

    Really enjoyed that one well done guys 👍

  11. Sean Boyle says

    Doesn’t look like anyone else is fishing did u hire the whole lake?

  12. wal mead says

    What a load of complete bollocks this is…just perpetuating this famous anglers crap. Turned it off after 5 minutes Jim Wilson corporate tart who’d sell his mum for more air time

  13. Great video as always the mozza vs series is great to watch (totally spot on )👍

  14. Clive Welch says

    Oh boy was this a welcome distraction well done Mozza you absolutely smashed it and what bad luck Jim

  15. Kris Pitman says
  16. Kevin Rouault says

    Pourquoi c'est pas sous titré en français 😢😢😢

  17. golly19 says

    Amazing as always guys!! Can’t wait for the next one

  18. Dave Stone says

    Mega, epic, buzzing, mega, epic, buzzing, mega, epic, buzzing (Repeat) . . . . said Lee about a thousand times.

  19. Adam The Fisherman says

    Shame the place doesn’t have trees all around it.

  20. Albie Williams says

    Finally nice one mozza n some cracking fish as well

  21. Adam says


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