***CARP FISHING TV*** The Lac Du Der Adventure


In September 2019, Mozza and Brad set off to meet European Product Development Manager Andreas Scherf at the mighty Lac Du Der. An epic adventure on one of Europes largest inland venues, see how the guys got on!

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  1. Darryl Clarkson says

    That's not a beetle it's a cv6

  2. Jim Wocha says

    Great vid but lose the strap beard Mozza, it looks ridiculous!

  3. Tim Joyce says

    Honestly I don’t get it…!!!!
    Why are Carp Anglers so disgusted with Catfish…?
    It’s absolutely infuriating I’d be made up to catch anything from 11,800 acres….🤯

  4. ben freeman says

    Looks amazing lads great watch as normal 💯%🇬🇧🎣

  5. M. Rohwr says

    Mozza truely putts as much enthusiasm into his fishing as in his beard

  6. Great video as always, 👍

  7. Carpking71 says

    Great film. Loved that!

  8. twincarpNL says

    Hell yeah! This is so awesome! Enjoyed every minute of it 🙂

  9. SpencesHH says

    Hmmmfffffff CATFISH 😤 😂😂😂😂

  10. Paul Pilkington says

    Dissapointed in you lee. Beetle? That my friend was a citreon 2cv i believe, nick named egg carriers a real innovation in suspension. I digress lol on with the show.

  11. dave parry says

    Great vid mozza, a lake that holds MANY memories for me as was luck to fish it regular late 80s early 90s, when to be fair it was an easy water to catch loads

  12. John Charlton says

    Hooked from only the intro.mozza is leggend

  13. max zimmermann says

    Pukka video from fox. But mozza shave the beard cuz you look like you drive a corsa and date 15 year olds lol

  14. Alan Haigh says

    nice douche beard haha

  15. Paul Donnelly says

    Looks amazing great film 👍🏻

  16. Ian Thatcher says

    struggle to watch this with that fluff on his grid

  17. jamie elliott says

    Great vid

  18. oddball 1 says

    Could work in angling direct with that poncy strap beard!

  19. Jamie Green says

    What a place, it's been in my heart since the early 90's…. I will fish it before I leave the earth… enjoyed this …👌😎

  20. Peter Vlasveld says

    Awesome video guys!

  21. Brett Dunmow says

    Yeah that beard is weird, so much better than that poxy Korda video of DB doing the stupid walk and posing every 5 mins

  22. Nigel Jinks says

    How much it cost on the lake for a week please

  23. jaczekdertuerke says

    wow u look gay with that beard.

  24. Yardplay MacBride says

    i think my iq went down a bit watching this

  25. Loic LIEVRE says

    How can you guys have pastis and camembert at the same time, come on!!!!

  26. Jef Goossens says

    Am I the only one who thinks that saying "just being there is more than enough" is a brutal lie ? You might as well go camping then :).

  27. Paul Watson says

    Great vid , do you fellas use anchors when dropping your baits and rigs. I should imagine it’s easy to get blown 20 plus yards off the spot in seconds.

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