Easy Shelter+ 'The Ultimate Lightweight Carp Fishing Bivvy!'


The Easy Shelter+ is the ultimate bivvy for quick sessions, due to its tiny packdown size, extremely minimal weight and speed of its set up and pack down. If you’re in the market for the perfect short session shelter, be sure to check out the Easy Shelter+!

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  1. Tim H says

    Ik wil hem wel is zien staan met een beetje wind erop 🤣

  2. Horror freak London says

    R series xl yes thanks this….no lol I am 6ft 6" and 23 stone it would look absolutely comical!! Could always wear it as an easy coat walking round tho

  3. Anthony Wootton says

    Will this be in the camo version??.. what's the price??.. Awsome looking bit of kit for a quick day session….

  4. Nip Sniff Gaming says

    whats the price?

  5. Lee Carter says

    Does this come with internal skirts so you could use a groundsheet and cut out drafts?

  6. AdeCarperwoody wood says

    That's pretty cool….. 🤔

  7. lazy carper says

    can you do a vid in the wind putting it away, i bet its a bitch then

  8. kevin farrell says


  9. Nathan says

    Release a ground sheet for it!

  10. Mike Waller says

    Reminds me of the gardner pop up shelter in the 90s.

  11. Moocha says

    Nothin compared to the aqua atom

  12. vast active says

    Lol if you can’t beat them join them

  13. vast active says

    Bare in mind this is rendered useless if you can’t get the pegs in the ground

  14. Røb Êrtō says

    Love this, nice innovative and functional design. Well done Fox.

  15. Daz Grant says

    I own a lot of Fox gear Horizon rods FX11 reels RXs alarms even a Super brolly with a wrap. But I must say the range of bivvies are just bloody UGLY this one reminds me of a Gardner pop up bivvy just UGLY!

  16. Richard Jameson says

    If it had a ground sheet I'd be up for it!!! But would it fit my flatliner in?

  17. TheBungeroo says

    Nash did this three years ago !!!!

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