GUEST SESSIONS 3 – Carp Fishing on Mark Pitcher's Lake


Lewis Porter is joined, this time by Carp Media Manager Harry Charrington, as they tackle Mark Pitcher’s ‘Wainstones Pool’, nestled deep in the Yorkshire Moors. The session is far from easy, but with some stunning Northern carp to go at at an equally stunning venue, the pair put their heads together and manage to outwit some of the pool’s residents.

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  1. Peter van der borg says


  2. Stevo9 says

    Great vid and the place looks stunning,well done mark 🙂

  3. Northern Carp Diaries says

    Fantastic video and a very exciting venue for the north, can only be a good thing, a superb example of a well thought out lake. Well done Mark and hope the hard work pays off when you open this year!

  4. Jonny Bruce says

    What happened to pitchers pop ups

  5. Awesome…

  6. mark macdonald says

    Typical soft southerners mentioning the weather…also sarcastic remark about dropping a 2pound coin on the floor and saying i could buy that part of land for that…typical stuck up tossers

  7. addicted to angling says

    Stunning venue

  8. John lee says

    Looks a stunning place to fish👍

  9. Carra Campbell says

    I reckon mark loves Matt Hayes

  10. Zach M says

    No zigs or floaters allowed then ?

  11. carper stu vinter says

    Is it going to be open as a day ticket or syndicate ?

  12. John Lawrence says

    What is the hook pattern at 5:54 please? Also – what line used for the hook-length please?

  13. DamienE11 says

    Looks a beautiful venue, shame I'm on the other side of the world…

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