Ian Chillcott – From Forces to Fox


Since leaving the army in 2000, Ian Chillcott (or Chilly as he is known to most) has been serving an incredible angling career backed by Fox International. At the start of the new year, we were very fortunate to visit Chilly and his wife Lyndie to talk about his illustrious career within carp fishing. Grab yourself a brew, sit back and delve into the history of one of the most respected carp anglers in the game!

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  1. Owen Rees says

    Such an interesting man. Great interview

  2. Cornish Carp Hunter says

    Wow outstanding interview and what a legend chilly keep chasing those dreams

  3. Jack Knight says

    He has red milk in his tea… 2/10 because of this.

  4. John Moorfield says

    Brilliant interview

  5. Jip Roijackers says

    Larger than life persona.

  6. realgraffix says

    There are very few people who truly deserve the title of legend, but Mr Chillcott, you are most definitely a real legend. What a fantastic interview.

  7. Robbo records says

    Great interview with a great man,,, I don’t know you chilly but some of your values are the very same thing I’m a big believer in and trying to install in my sons and daughter. Top man would love to walk past you on the bank even just to give you a thumbs

  8. terry weedon says

    God bless Chilli

  9. steve fox says

    Cheers chilly.

  10. Gerry Taylor says

    You sir are a total gentleman and a pleasure to watch my hat goes off to you wish there was more like you

  11. Tariq Zeb says

    Top Man . True gentle man thanks Chilly and team Fox

  12. fishing for freedom says

    1985 I started my life chasing carp along with many names down at layer pits in essex, for the first time in a long time I've now watched someone who thinks and fishes the same as myself, I run a syndicate complex now if you want to fish in peace and quiet and chase some of our special chunks of gold then please please give me a message 🤘 tight lines everyone x

  13. John Charlton says

    That has to be the best interview I've ever seen. Made me feel very emotional, full of nostalgia, honesty , and a reminder what a beautiful sport we belong to. What a legend Mr Chillcot is.

  14. Caleb Carper says

    Chilly what a legend what a guy feel for him stuff hes been through big up mate 💪

  15. ben freeman says

    Absolute legend 💯%🇬🇧🎣

  16. david smith says


  17. nyall brindley says


  18. brett keegan says

    What a great bloke 👍 with a brilliant attitude.

  19. Alex Fox says

    I thought he always looked like an army person 😂

  20. Yvonne Vornlocher says

    Top Video

  21. Richard Davis says

    Dave lane's commentary hasnt changed in a few years 👍 and as always, chilly's an inspiration.

  22. Breaking The Blank - Carping says

    What an absolute inspiration, a true gent of the sport.

  23. Christopher Warren says

    Excellent video from a down to earth and genuine guy. Just a quick question. Do you still use the Fox Warrior Ross?

  24. Tyson Norton says

    If there are any young people watching just listen to his words,
    The world needs more chillys. Not a fame chaser but a loyal and respectful person.

  25. Gavos says

    Great Interview…..definitely one of angling's finest!

  26. glenn beere says


  27. Russ Walker says

    Certainly one you can listen to anytime anywhere. Honest and real. Great interview FOX with one of your best

  28. James bradder says

    Always enjoyed your writing, one peace springs to mind 'twas in carp world a fair few years ago , you'd had a take that woke you up and upon picking up the rod and marching forward straight off the end off the platform into the water where you fell to your knees and upon standing up your pants fell to your ankles with the fish going mad on the end of your line , good on ya fella keep on keeping on

  29. Graham Wassell says

    Top man

  30. Tommy De Cleen Carp Angler says

    Respect Chilly mate, much love xx

  31. grant farmer says

    Nothing but respect

  32. MrScotty81 says

    how have 4 idiots given this a thumbs down some people just want too watch the world burn

  33. Robert Hynes says

    Great interview Chilly you are an inspiration to me. Tightlines mate.

  34. Josh Shakespeare says

    Chilly is a very inspirational man and very loyal too the company, he is someone many should look up too. Much respect

  35. TONE 007 says

    Excellent as always from Chilly, he's right about fishing before the internet and digital technology boom.

  36. Lee Nobbs says


  37. Andy Pritchard says

    A true gent and a true carp fishing legend enough said.

  38. Darren Saxby says

    Awsome chilly great watch

  39. Robin Skinner says

    All long may the fire burn and to drink tea in chilly s man cave you are blessed. I for one salute you 👍

  40. davey crocket says

    i love this guy

  41. Maverick goose says

    Genuine top man end off👊🎣👌👍

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