1. Niall Crockford says

    Hi keep up the good work Through these Tough times

  2. gary mills says

    Hi lan

  3. Daren Eaton says

    Chilly your a legend

  4. William Wrigley says

    Going well need to get closer to your Mike

  5. terry weedon says

    Just started carpe fishing one year ago and started following Sir Chilly. What an amazing and loving man and not to bad at fish. His voice when he tells a story is truly hypnotising. God bless Chilly and his family. X

  6. William Wrigley says

    Harry can you fast track the new Challenges episodes-

  7. William Wrigley says

    Ask Ian now that the Barbers are closed how he is going to groom his famous moustache

  8. sam richardson says

    We're here

  9. Nicky Howell says

    I’m in seems okay 👌🏻

  10. spatewater says

    Good stuff Chilly," Head down arse up!!", KBO

  11. Dave Thompson says

    hello I can see and here you DT

  12. spatewater says

    What boredom ?

  13. Simon Hatton says

    Hello Ian hope you and Linda good. Good to see you smile laughing. Keep safe mate

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