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The immense Rainbow Lake in France has been described by many as the most extreme carp lake on the planet. With an incredible stock of huge carp combined with dense snags, hundreds of islands and a wealth of savage bars and plateaus, Rainbow is not for the feint hearted. Lee “Mozza” Morris is a self confessed Rainbow addict and this is his latest film covering three separate trips to the mighty lake and featuring lots of BIG CARP!!!

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  1. Some amazing footage relieving the lockdown blues 👊🏻

  2. Lee Emery says

    Mozza the monster slayer 🦕 I’d love two weeks on there 🎣

  3. Darko Ilic says

    Nice movie Mozza and even better angling…love to get a chance someday to fish this mighty place…cheers

  4. in the moment says

    That was mind blowing, what a video 🤝 good luck with all your fishing buddy

  5. YouTube kacke premium says

    Jeder deutsche liket das

  6. Alex says


  7. Clive Welch says

    OMG that was bloody EPIC what a place what a guy I'm exhausted just watching.


    Great place great vid but warders in a boat if you had gone in you would have been a goner

  9. John Kammies says

    Place of dreams .. Epic 🎣🎣

  10. Demanisraar says

    52:12 so I guess that fish didn't count because of a foul hooking? Bummer but respect for not counting it.

  11. Mike Waller says

    Great footage and great angling.


    So there is gold bars at the end of the rainbow!!! 🎣🎣 epic vid!!!

  13. Dunkin biscuits says

    To say epic would be an understatement, this was on a whole other level.

  14. Paul Bruch says

    Nice 🦊

  15. Marek Mihálik says

    Amaizing moments beutiful fish gratulation’s from Czech Republic 👍🎣

  16. Kieran Gunn says

    Rainbow is nowhere near as easy as youve made this look, you are such a class angler

  17. johngmls says

    Fantastic video at a fantastic venue by a fantastic angler. Top marks. I have to admit it is not my sort of venue and I don't have the ability to fish there but I am fully in awe of the anglers that can handle it and make it work.

  18. glenn Chuckie says

    Top angling Mozza! Some beautiful fish there, well done! Pure entrainment watching you, Tight lines!

  19. Chris topher says

    Such a great video. Big respect for this kind of fishing. Great fish and great emotions. 👍💪

  20. dave parry says


  21. Lee Brown says

    Epic session geezer monster fish !!!

  22. Željko Šegović says

    What a production.Number 1 film

  23. Pedro Toro says


  24. Oak Carp says

    Amazing piece Mozza! Great work!

  25. юра иванов says

    Вступление вообще супер !!!

  26. acer roblox says

    thank you..from ın TÜRKİYE..

  27. Albert Grant says

    MOZZA.. JUST WOW absolutely F..ing brilliant . No other words for it mate. I'm 49 and only dream about things like you have done. It's a dream I have to forfill 1 day.. I admire you mozza. Fantastic mate HOLY F.. K. Amazing

  28. Kyle Groves says

    Some proper stunning carp you caught mozza, couldn’t fault the way it was edited. Always find your videos a good laugh. Wouldn’t like to guess how much bait you used lol just goes to show you reap the rewards 🎣

  29. Oliver Bradburn says

    It's safe to say I will definitely be fishing a "bollock rig" on my next session 😂

  30. Nick Flitter says

    Well that hasn't help my lockdown blues at all, I'm exhausted just watching, I'll have to stay home for at least 3 more weeks to recover. The music was soo tense I thought he was gonna lose every fish. Awesome fish everyone, bloody good angling in what can only be described as the snaggiest lake ever

  31. Dave Stone says

    Havent watched it yet but im pretty sure there are loads of "buzzing", "megga" and "epic" comments from Mozza. 😂

  32. Stefani Matteo says

    fantastic video

  33. Mathew Hargreaves says

    Does he not deserve a cameraman!?

  34. Mathew Hargreaves says

    Well done mozza x

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