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Carp fishing Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Neil Spooner give tips and explain all about Kiana Carp’s GOO, a soak, glug and a spod-mix additive, all rolled into one. The GOO has proven to provoke a strong feeding response from carp as seen in Korda feature projects such as the Underwater DVD series, Masterclass and Thinking Tackle. Watch as the ITV4 Monster Carp hosts discuss the how, why and when to use this game-changer in your carp fishing, plus they put some weird and wonderful myths to bed. The GOO is an essential addition to a large amount of Team Korda’s carp fishing, yet is still misunderstood by some. Tom Dove explains “There’s a lot of them, a bit of confusion, let’s set the record straight” as the guys set about answering social media questions, even the awkward ones, set by the carp fishing public.

The cloud of attraction that comes off bait treated with Goo has to be seen to be believed, and this is one of the attributes that makes the Goo so revolutionary. But it’s absolutely not the only one. The feeding triggers and flavour combinations housed in the mysterious liquid have been carefully tweaked to provoke a phenomenal feeding response in carp, wherever they are in the water column.

Available in 24 flavours and variants inc: Supremes, Smokes and Power Smokes

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