Catch fish 4 x faster using GOO | Ali Hamidi & Matt Godfrey


Korda Carp fishing man Ali Hamidi is re-united with Tackle Guru match man Matt Godfrey as they set out to test out the latest additions to the Kiana Goo range at Churchgate Lakes, Essex. A season match angler and England team member Matt is shocked by the results achieved by just a few tweaks suggested by Monster Carp’s Ali Hamidi. You won’t believe your eyes as the lads meet up and go through a few tips that will change Matt’s fishing forever. A cost effective, simple and devastatingly powerful way to not only catch you more fish… but help you catch them faster. Perfect for carp anglers, match angler and everything in-between.

“How many fish have you left in the lake? Don’t worry about the ones you’ve caught… how many have you left out there that you could have caught?” Ali Hamidi


  1. Tigerfish W says

    Will also clean your wallet out  4 x times faster, the price of this stuff is astronomical…….

  2. Wise Barry Wise says

    Will also turn your pop ups into wafters.

  3. gaz edwards says

    It’s all well and good when you get your bait for free being sponsored the average angler can’t afford to spend £20-£30 per session including the free feed and hook bait

  4. Andrei M says

    I like Korda products, you get what you paid for with them. I find that the Isotonic works wonders for wild carp in my neck of the woods. Keep up the good work Korda and ignore the haters! 👍

  5. Psh! ,Unreal. says

    Used it numerous times, Not caught any faster than a nicely glugged bait.

  6. Paul Kent says

    What's happened to thinking tackle online ?

  7. lennon says

    this would sell so much more if we took off the carp tax and sold it at 9.99£

  8. Kaine Bassett says

    You got the second take faster because you got fish feeding in that spot with the previous cast, not because the bait had goo on it…

  9. Elliot Threlkeld says

    Was sceptical about goos at first bought some to try it out last weekend had 2 rods out 1 with goo one without the one with goo had 8 runs landed 6 fish the one without had 2 runs landed zero fish will be putting goo on every time now seems to work thumbs up from me

  10. Alphoenix gaming says

    Love the goo the almond helped me get my 29

  11. DAVID RYLEY says

    Sorry, i have tried many of these goos.
    No magic formula.
    I am very scepticle with it.

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