Dark Matter Chat – Gigantica


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The Lake

Gigantica is 35 acres (14 hectacres) of water, the water is cobalt blue because of the heavily alkaline gravel it has been dug from.

Depths range between 18 and 25 feet, there are no ‘deep holes’ contrary to rumours from anglers. The bottom is fairly flat with very few lumps and bumps, it is therefore better to establish a baited area at a comfortable range and then stick to it.

The margins drop off very quickly so fishing over to adjacent margins in the corner swims can be very productive.

The bottom is soft clay and you get a ‘donk’ with the lead everywhere you cast. The clay is very light in colour so bring light coloured rig items, the Korda ‘Gravel’ colour of tubing, safe zone leaders and hooklinks is perfect.

There is no weed, no crayfish and no poission chat so there is no need to use hard baits or mesh up. There are big bream and roach so baiting with high quantities hemp or trout pellets will attract these, and maggots are a waste of time. This is why our particle mix has mainly larger bits in it. The bream are caught from time to time but the roach are not, as the bream have been caught they go straight into the newly built stock point so they never get caught again.


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