Korda Masterclass Vol 7: Day Ticket 48hrs Carp Fishing | Back to Basics


CHAPTER 4: Back to Basix with Korda Koach Rob Burgess showing beginner carp angler AJ how to approach 48 hours fishing on a day ticket lake. Korda Koach Rob Burgess and professional novice AJ tackle Billy’s lake on the Embryo Norton Disney Complex. AJ has to put in maximum effort using new and unfamiliar tactics to get amongst the fish, but when he does the results are electric. Employing previously unused rigs and baits, this is a must for anyone tackling busy, highly stocked lakes in the UK and Europe.

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  1. Josh Wilson says


  2. Martyn's Angling Adventures says

    Great work as always guys!

  3. Michael Prince says

    The “flat rod technique” is bad angling, and for a company like Korda to promote something like that is not good. People will be tearing hooks through carps faces doing this.

  4. Albéric Chabanon says

    Quel intérêt de perdre autant de plombs et polluer le fond !? Je sais pas si on peut considérer cette méthode comme de la pêche de respect des poissons en ne respectant pas leur milieu naturel . Je pense que de choisir des poids a base de pierre serait plus judicieux et moins honteux ! Sans parler du prix

  5. Lee Bennett says

    Another nightmare commercial like Linaer ..

  6. mark macdonald says


  7. F1 Racing says

    im sorry but that fish you caught using the "flat rod technique" had a massive red line on the inside of its mouth on the left hand side. Most likely caused by tearing the fishing mouth from putting too much tension on the hook hold using the "Flat rod technique". I do not know why you are recommending this, this should only be used when fully snagged and you are pulling for a break

  8. Luke Bryant says

    flat rod technique can’t believe I’ve just seen that. Come on dan I want to see you doing this when you are next in this situation your allowing this to go out under your name I would expect to see the flat rod technique to be in one of your what NOT to do videos.

  9. Georgey says

    Them fish need feeding for a few years

  10. michael Morby says

    Great tutor and really nice guy looking forward to getting down to Norton 👍🏻🎣

  11. Owen Rees says

    Ain’t that spooners cousin

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