Korda Masterclass Vol 7: PODCAST | Carp Fishing 2020


Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #010 ft: Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove and Rob Burgess. For the first time we have all 4 presenters from the latest MASTERCLASS series in the studio to discuss everything Carp Fishing!

They talk flat rod technique controversy, bait boats, drones and the lads individually go through their own chapters. PLUS the team answer YOUR questions from Insta, Facebook and Twitter… #awkward

A seriously enjoyable podcast that is bursting with tip, tricks, edges and answers to questions you’ve always wanted to know!

Over the years, Korda’s MASTERCLASS series has helped develop the Carp fishing skills of many anglers. The newly released Masterclass Volume 7 series, available on free DVD or to watch online, continues to give the most up to date Carp fishing tactics, tips and ideas.

New EPISODES regularly available from Korda.co.uk and YouTube
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  1. Cory Wood says

    👏🏽decent podcast

  2. James Gibbons says

    I would love to see John Baker on as a guest the man is an absolute bait genius and it would be really interesting and informative to here his side of bait and application. Considering he has made the best flavours and additives since back in the day I feel like his knowledge would be good to pass on to a new generation of carp anglers who haven’t necessarily been bought up rolling bait and have settled for readymades. 👍🏼

  3. Trev Cornwall says

    That was great fun! And a great incite into there thinking! Any chance of getting my old carp fishing hero Chris Yates on here?? That would be a completely different ball game!

  4. Peter Savory says

    Loving the podcast ✌🏼

  5. Gray Wedding says

    Great stuff guys, good to see you all bouncing off each other in conversation. 👍🏻

  6. dansmif2010 says

    Good work guys…. signed copy of master class sounds awesome….. fingers crossed its me 😬

  7. Chris Nortcliffe says

    Hi well done to you all I have added all the bit into my fishing thank you so much hope there is more to come out it helps alot well done Agen and l hope you can keep catching now you get for your fairbrass 🙂

  8. Chris White says

    Thought danny was going to kill simon talking about his masterclass like that these podcasts just keep getting better wot a line up love dovey and four seasons with rob was excellent loads of information cant wait for next one

  9. Robert Smith says

    Great stuff guys a real laugh & genuine talk as always. What a great masterclass…. oops i meant podcast 😂😂😂🎣

  10. Charlie Smith says

    Awesome video guys 👍🏻

  11. Henry Andrews says

    Every day is a school day. Great podcast as usual!🎣🎣

  12. Danny Fulcher says

    Listening to this whilst I tie some rigs 👌🏼

  13. specimen hunter420 says

    Love watching all your dvds boys Iv lernt 90% of my fishing knolage from all of you.

  14. Tom Pretty says


  15. D says

    Simon was shitting bricks the first few minutes… can’t blame him though lol

  16. Ian smith says

    Thank you team korda,what Danny and the team has done for carp fishing is mind blowing,Thankyou Danny fairbrass

  17. Craig Martin says

    Love the fact that these podcasts are unedited.. the masterclasses are what got me first interested in carp fishing and every time i watch another season it just keeps getting better. Watching them just makes you want to put into practise whats in the masterclass .

  18. David McMinn says

    Great honest video find myself waiting for waiting for these uploads keep up the good work lads


    Love this guys .. the best yet!!!! I still want Pecky and a Hearn joint interview. 🧐🧐🧐🔥🔥🔥🤬

  20. Michael Goodyear says

    Great podcast Danny should do more he’s a great presenter

  21. Robin Skinner says

    Well done on another enjoyable pod cast. Love the camaraderie you all have and looks like Rob has bought the missing Link to the team. With his tutoring better than any Monday night TV hands down.

  22. Ow3nmart1n 11 says

    🤞🤞 for a dvd 🎣🎣

  23. Love watching the videos you guys put out especially this time of year when it’s cold and I’m hibernating until it warms up a bit

  24. Monk town Ste monk says

    Please can I have a dvd signed thank you please

  25. Tom Dann says

    Love all the Korda vids and can’t wait to watch them, would love to have a signed DVD
    Cheers 🎣🎣

  26. Great two hours of banter and entertainment

  27. stephen marks says

    Another cracking podcast 👌

  28. rob clinton says


  29. Lee and reggie Cuxton says


  30. Monk town Ste monk says

    We watched darrel on Baden me and my son they is and we used zigs for the first time ever and my son got a 49.lb 10oz fish thanks very much for that best moment ever was ace 👍😀

  31. sfcacer says

    Wonderful listening! You boys are boxed! Right dovey

  32. David Grenville says

    Pukka video great watch well done boys #korda Danny a legend

  33. Nestor Aban says

    Please traslate all videos a other lenguages

  34. Josh Robinson says

    One kool podcast Hope 2020 brings you a dream fish. tight lines everyone !!

  35. Daniel Green says

    Best one yet. Great when there's a bigger group of lads talking about the hobby. Should be a once a month installment.

  36. xAdam92x says

    Love korda and all the videos they make. 🐟🎣🎣 Danny F my favourite with the information he gives.Would love a signed dvd

  37. kevin presland says

    love it….allways fun to watch…

  38. Keaton Naidoo says

    Agree with Mr.Fairbrass!! Korda has never been about pushing their product onto people. That's why it works. That's why I buy Korda products. Because of their "why". Their reason for content and product is legit.

  39. SourCrouch says

    Just got a job in work where I'm working on my own.. And then korda drop this! That's my morning sorted! Cheers lads, loved every podcast.

  40. simonpatchett1975 says

    Great podcasts , 👍👍

  41. Jordan Bunce says

    Cracking podcast, full of loads of useful information as always. Good to see a more relaxed side to everyone 👌🏼

  42. Georgie Everest says

    Love all the advice and tips from the videos, just getting back into fishing at the moment, tight lines all

  43. svr008 says

    Every video has made me more confident and getting me more bites! Thank you and keep the videos coming lads 👌

  44. Damian Jones says

    No editing, brilliant lol , another brilliant pod cast , can we have a pod cast with Ali, spooner and Tom giving us a more in depth insight into monster carp and what they go through to produce the monster carp episodes,

  45. Allan MA says

    Loving the podcast, pleeeeeease gimme a dvd!!

  46. Christopher Warren says

    Nice to see the guys are all genuine down to earth people who clearly get a lot of pleasure helping others 👍

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