Korda Masterclass Vol 7: Spring Carp Fishing | Tom Dove


CHAPTER 2: Join carp angler Tom Dove during his first few session on a prestigious midlands syndicate water as he pursues clear water ‘black as your hat’ carp to mid-forties. Location, spot finding and selecting where in the water column to fish an adjustable zig, and where gives him the best chance are Tom’s speciality. Learn about adjustable zigs, spring baits, goo and the “wormy zig”. If you fish in the Spring and follow Tom’s guidelines you will get more bites.

Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 7 contains MUST-WATCH footage packed with the latest carp fishing tackle, tactics and tips from the likes of Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove and Korda Koach Rob Burgess. A fantastic FREE set of carp fishing videos that will catch you more fish.

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  1. Wicks J says

    Love ya all really good fishermen

  2. Mike Tasker says

    Liking the look of these coming up. By the looks of things your about to release every season. Can wait to watch all of these. Tight lines to all at korda 🎣🎣🎣

  3. Martyn's Angling Adventures says

    Great work as always guys!

  4. Ronnie Silk says

    When is monster carp happening again

  5. Life on the bank says

    Very nice video. Must give adjustables another go! 🎣

  6. Carl and Alex Fishing says

    That bigun was noiiiiiiceeee.

  7. Rob K says

    Korda dropped two masterclasses in one day… on my birthday aswell

  8. Visstekje.NL says

    The beste masterclass in the series this year well done Tom

  9. michael barnes says

    nice one guys 👊😎

  10. Crabby Patty says

    good honest advice for once didn't feel like a salesmen on the screen

  11. David Shaw says

    Every 1 rushing out now buying korda zigs etc think for yourself not what doveys doing ….

  12. 👍👍👍

  13. polecat Ferret says

    Top master class Tom 🎣🎣
    Prefer this masterclass to Daryls and Danny's German trip

  14. ANTU AER says

    cool fishing videos that I've seen uncle greetings from Indonesia 🙏🙏

  15. Toddy3474 says

    Hi tom have the Ags 13ft rods got a nice tip playing action as I’m looking to get some bud I don’t want a broom stick? Thanks

  16. Gary Norton says

    To mutch korda tackle reviews just fishing plz

  17. lions roar says

    Yeah all well and good when your sponsored and get free tackle and bait

  18. Arnoud Schipper says

    39:14 someone else had one

  19. Harry Issitt says

    The big folly at Werrington 👍 1:18 recognise the pig any day 🐖

  20. Martijn T says

    Like it..!! top video..!!

  21. gavin locke says


  22. addicted to angling says

    Excellent zig fishing advice great video cheers

  23. andrew tate says

    Ger some descent footwear on lol.

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