Korda Tapered Subline and Tapered Subline Leaders


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We now boast arguably the most respected range of lines and hook links in fishing. As with many of our product lines, this range was developed because we simply couldn’t find acceptable products out there that we were happy using. Of course, it’s developed way beyond that and we now develop groundbreaking products every year.

Our hook link range has developed substantially in recent times with the introduction of the N-Trap family of coated-braid hook links, which now includes Soft and Semi-Stiff variants. Added to this, we still produce the ever-popular Hybrid Stiff, the super-supple Supernatural braids, IQ Fluorocarbons and Mouth Trap stiff-rig filament. There literally isn’t a niche that we don’t fill with our hook link range!

Since we entered the main line market we’ve won thousands of loyal fans, who wouldn’t dream of using anything other than Kontour, Adrena-line or SUBline. We’ve since added tapered main line and leaders, made from the phenomenally robust SUBline, which are set to be extremely popular. We’re proud to say that the Korda name is now synonymous with quality main line.


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