Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #001- Danny Fairbrass | Carp Fishing


Korda Developments, Tackle Guru, Embryo angling, Gigantica, Carp Fishing Masterclass, Thinking Tackle, Monster Carp and now… The Thinking Tackle Podcast! Danny Fairbrass is once again at the forefront of our latest flagship production as he joins host Simon Pitt for his most intimate, detailed interview to date.

Danny is without doubt one of the pioneers of modern day carp fishing but it hasn’t been a straightforward journey with lots of bumps along the way. This interview reveals Dannys story of how Korda began as well as other ventures such as his beloved Gigantica Lakes in France and his more recent non profit ventures. With the expansion of Korda and all other projects growing at a rapid rate, Danny wasn’t necessarily ready for such a huge undertaking and has reached out to both business and life coaches to help grow alongside his working demands.

Despite Danny’s success he shy’s away from social media, focusing more on the continuation of educational content. Find out why he opts not to speak to his audiences through these platforms and what he forsees for the future of Carp fishing and his place within it.

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  1. Louis Wayland says

    Really enjoyed this podcast and even look up to dan knowing how well he’s done from knowing some other stories from dans young background.

  2. Joshua Stephens says

    These videos that are ' too carpy ' need to be seen …

  3. An Infinite Carper's Path says

    I've never been interested in any form of podcast but I really enjoyed watching every second of this interaction! I feel very privileged and honored to represent the Korda brand in South Africa! Keep 'em coming boys!

  4. Continental Waterways says

    Which conditioner do you use, Danny?

  5. Kevin Compton says

    Realy enjoyed this podcast, can't wait for further episodes.

  6. MountGraphics says

    Will the podcast be available on itunes?

  7. Matthew Hughes says

    Just nicked this off Nash Hahahah

  8. Darren Grimmer says

    To be honest I have to admit that I’ve had my ideas about what these guys in carp fishing are like. I’ve thought well look at him selling his wares I bet he can go to any lake anywhere in the world and take the piss. Having listened to Danny I can see that he is just a normal bloke. Also you can be picking on the wrong people if you have a go at people like Danny after all he has worked hard to achieve what he has. The thing I struggle with is when you see anglers on YouTube and the like doing videos from their big houses with the big car parked outside and all the trappings of very expensive lifestyle and yet they haven’t put any work in and all that from going fishing a few nights a week. Now that is a case of how the other half live!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I’m sure I will mellow soon!!

  9. t m says

    Awesome lads hate podcasts without video.we then get the choice to watch or listen keep it up

  10. Ged Kelly says

    well done Danny i personally found that very interesting yo d gaffer man

  11. Nick Copleston says

    Excellent, really enjoyed that. Looking forward to the next one.

  12. Graham Rowland says

    Great podcast korda is a great business model.

  13. Steve Osborne says

    Yeah enjoyed it

  14. Peter Lacey says

    Such an inspirational person, Danny Fairbrass you are one of the greatest and inspiring people, what a fantastic job you are doing in the world of angling, please keep doing what you are doing mate.

  15. goggsy0 says

    Met Danny at the norton complex…what a great guy he is …has time for everyone..keep up the good work your doing great for the now and future generation.

  16. Lee Madden says

    Really enjoyed this podcast to hear Danny talk openly about his cancer was brilliant. I had skin cancer as well a few years back and was where Danny was .Good podcast Danny pukka as you say👍👍👍

  17. John warren says

    You’re legend Danny 👍

  18. Mark Farmer says

    He takes some stick, but listen to the bloke and he's just a normal chap. Does more good for fishing than bad that's for sure.

  19. F1 Racing says


  20. ROB GRIMSHAW says

    This was captivating for sure. Looking forward to some more with the lads, Darrel, Tom, Ali etc Great to see this side of Korda 👍

  21. Wayne Vant says

    What a Fantastic start to the world of PODCASTS… keep it up KORDA…

  22. Mike Wilson says

    Fanny Bare ass



  24. Lee C says

    Excellent podcast. Really nice to meet the real Danny Fairbrass. I'm a big fan of the korda boys and theres nothing on YouTube unwatched. I've seen it all multiple times. I even contacted the embryo team with possible lakes in need of fencing or for sale.

    Best of luck in the future, I'll be watching

    Regards Lee

  25. Loki Doki says

    Great stuff, really glad you guys are doing this

  26. BAD Fishing BissAnschlagDrill says


  27. Carping Chris Whitehall says

    Well I must admit, I thought I would take a look at this pod cast. But to be fare didn't think I would get much past the first 10/15mins before losing interest about either the presenter or guest. But just finished watching the last few seconds to complete all 1hr 36mins and 25seconds. Great respect to Danny and the Presenter Simon. From the pod cast I know Danny will probably not read any of the comments. But I hope Simon or someone from the Korda team, will pass on the positive comments to him. A very open and honest account on some personal points, and I for one look forward to hearing more of these and some additional cast from Danny in the future.
    I will him continued success and health in particular for him and his family.

  28. brads brushes says

    Fuck sake now we are going to have people doing podcast on the lakes now 🤣🤣

  29. Ian says

    Great first podcast, honesty,vision and reason. A real carp anglers journey Danny portrayed leading what some people may say as privileged but from an honest background. Hard work determination to succeed and to make a dream happen. It brought all the reasons out as to why I go carp fishing and why I and many others to go. Top work lads!

  30. george singleton says

    Korda clowns ring peace central !!

  31. Shane Hooper says

    Amazing! Absolutely loved this, let’s have some more….

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