Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #004 – Julian Cundiff | Carp Fishing


Carp fishing author, Julian Cundiff joins Simon Pitt on this episode #004 of the Thinking Tackle Podcast.

From 1983 onwards, Julian has played an integral role in helping carp anglers improve their angling abilities. He has also written a number of instructional books and has appeared on numerous videos and DVD’s.

Ali Hamidi recalls “With such a small amount of content available back in the 90’s his 20 x 20lb’er in a season was huge news. Its impact back then was greater than if someone caught 20 x 40lb’ers today, as the significants was far greater. Julians articles were absorbed by everyone and he influenced carp anglers all over the country. His distinctive look and appeal is etched on, not only my mind but, the minds of carp anglers up and down the UK”

He is a prolific short session angler who has been highly successful on most of Yorkshire’s best loved carp fisheries.

Away from fishing, Julian is an avid fan of rock music. Through his connections within the music industry, he has been lucky enough to meet some of the world biggest rock stars including Kiss, Slash and Def Leppard.

His services to carp fishing were rightfully honoured in 2010, when he was inducted into the Carp Fishing Hall of Fame.

His colourful personality and hilarious stories make this a podcast one that you won’t want to miss.

Julian has a personal best carp of 49 pounds, a mirror caught from Kevin Nash’s lake in Essex.

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  1. Craig Miller says

    Absolutely brilliant – keep em' coming these are fantastic

  2. Marcus Schmidt says

    so en star of my fishing+

  3. Burns Things says

    The Joe Rogan of Carp fishing? Well done bro, 2hr podcasts are as much about the host as the guest. And Toby too, kudos buddy in the background.

  4. Robin Skinner says

    Nice to know its not only fishing that drivers Julian variety be it the spice of life. Didn't Chris evens have a singed table on don't forget your toothbrush. Look forward to the next one. Great pod cast. Well done.

  5. Pedro Neto oficial says

    Like 100 neste magnifico trabalho👏👏

  6. Martin Mullen says

    Lovely podcast, I met Julian at the 50th BCSG anniversary great guy.

  7. Luke Williams says

    Met Jules at the northern angling show where he showed me his multi rig which I've used since and have had a great season see you in February I owe you a drink 🍺🍺

  8. Peter Fisher says

    Who is the interviewer please anyone?

  9. David Shaw says

    Loved it jules …nice move korda interviewing jules ..great tackle company hooking up with a great man/angler and a very good insight into jules the person ,always got time for others and not up his own arse and keeps it real ! And he's been doing this since 86'should be more like you mate hats off 🎣👌👍

  10. marc Taylor says

    Not normally one for these sort of things,pod cast and such but could listen to julian for hours

  11. Blowin-in-the-wind • says

    Another good podcast 😁Julian where can I get me one of them t shirts..

  12. martin rasell says

    I learnt a lot from a guy called John Hof garden

  13. Mike Waller says

    Very very charismatic interesting guy – legend!

  14. DanGoesOutdoors says

    Lovely podcast lads. Great guest very interesting stories in and out of fishing. Thanks for sharing

  15. Piepkwiep says

    It's so obvious. Hamilton has the best car and Max is the best driver.

  16. Ian says

    Loved this honest well respected great of carp fishing for me. Passionate and knows his stuff thanks Julian Cundiff

  17. The Imperial Angler says

    Refreshing, a man who energises our community of angling.

  18. Shane Hooper says

    Loved this Julian, I also used to race motorcycles what formula was you racing in? Love your whole attitude towards carp fishing in general very grounded wish more Angler’s had this attitude.
    The piece earlier on in the podcast about fishing the margins but not the obvious spot, I’ve been doing that exact same thing all season had some real good results

  19. Richard Heppinstall says

    33 years carping jules and ime still a carp show vergin m8 lol. Your remark about the history of carp fishing. Its all about the history m8. Where would we be without the likes of dick walker fred wilton ect

  20. wal mead says

    The epitome of self promotion. This guy has always just courted fame as can be viewed by him cutting out anything where is name appears since he was about 14. Narcissist? LOL

  21. Steve Rogan says

    Weird what perceptions you have on people who you just "see" yet you never speak to them or listen to them speak but when you do …………………………..wow. Mr Cundiff comes across a thoroughly top bloke. Only 2 years older than me so shared the same idols growing up. Great stories and clearly a really nice guy. Have to say the guy from Korda is a great interviewer too.

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