Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #006 – Elliott Gray | Carp Fishing


Big fish carp angler Elliott Gray is a former employee at Korda Developments and the man behind Cypography, an independent Carp fishing channel that produces online monthly films.

He started his career working for Korda Developments, where along with his passion for carp fishing, discovered a love for writing and Photography.

His passion and creative talents have had an undeniable influence on todays carp fishing scene, both in front and behind the camera.

On the Korda underwater 8 DVD, Elliott famously features in the capture of St Johns forty pound common carp, “ The Big common”.

New EPISODES regularly available from Korda.co.uk and YouTube
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  1. Tom Sloan says

    that's my car journeys sorted for a few days, elliot seems a nice lad and done good things, looking forward to this one 🎣👍

  2. Darren Grimmer says

    My opinion is maybe it’s horses for courses. If we all had the opportunity to only fish on certain lakes for certain fish of course we would all want that. However only the lucky few can do this. Which means the rest of us have to go where we are allowed to go. And what the stock is there is what it is simpe

  3. thailandheron says

    Mick was probably Mick Collom.

  4. Miles Orc says

    Can we take some great old strains and spawn them in a hatchery.?

  5. Dave Stone says

    My rods are older than him.

  6. by hi ho says

    I think Gaz Fareham and the Subsurface journals had more of an influence on the way the rags changed and upped their game with photography.

  7. Mattie Mclean says

    Captain contradiction!!!

  8. Mattie Mclean says

    He is basically slagging off the stocking policy of Embryo…. farmed fish thrown in a venue at less than 5 years old and fished for straight away….

  9. Carp and Crap says

    I always thought his dad was Micky Gray, even seen MG claim that in a Facebook post, must have been a wind-up?

  10. MrDorsetD says

    I admit to knowing virtually nothing about Elliott before this podcast. Brilliant interview. 👍

  11. Gordon Deacon says

    Best podcast yet!! Lad is bang on !!! !!!!

  12. Fred Foley says

    Great pod, best yet keep it up

  13. Chris Simmons says

    Not sure why, but i really struggled with this one. He didn't come across as well as i thought he would

  14. Martin Mullen says

    Great podcast, quite insightful and gave me a few things to think about.

  15. Terry Deegan says

    It was called big red I think plus I know him

  16. Tariq Zeb says

    What fish is he on about. The carp that passed away ?

  17. Tariq Zeb says

    Also what is the name of the lake plz

  18. Baitworks says

    Excellent Podcast guys

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