Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #011 – Simon Scott | Carp Fishing


Carp fish farmer, Carp angler and Biologist, Simon Scott joins Simon Pitt in the studio on this episode of the podcast.

Simon has a Master of Science degree in applied fish biology, making him expert on carp behaviour.

He works as a fisheries consultant, managing several private ponds. He is also a director for Sussex based fish farmers, VS Fisheries.

Away from his busy work schedule, Simon is a fanatical Carp angler, notably capturing the then British record carp known as “Mary” from Wraysbury. Today he continues to target some of the largest and most cherished carp in the country.

Over the years he has regularly written for various fishing publications and has presented and co-presented numerous television show’s, including Korda’s Thinking Tackle.

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  1. Matthew Capewell says

    What a podcast. Absolutely fantastic, the best one yet. Loved listening to Simon, could have listened to him all day.

  2. Mike Wilson says

    This is the only podcast I watched all the way through.
    Coming from an aquaculture background I can listen to him all day.

  3. Niffty123 123 says

    Wow, iv loved everyone of these podcasts but this for me was the most informative and thought provoking! 👌👌👌

  4. Gregg Beere says

    Thoroughly decent human being 👍

  5. Cam Melanophy says

    Wow this is brillliant! Learnt so much

  6. Tariq Zeb says

    Abundent of information . What a great podcast . Another awesome podcast thanks team Korda

  7. weldings says

    Wow Best Podcast yet ! Learnt few things too .. Well done Simon Scott Brilliant passion !

  8. thailandheron says

    Best one so far

  9. John Charlton says

    By far the best podcast. Simon is a fascinating person to listen to and learn from plus such a gent , and his catches of carp are second to none.Would love to spend a day on the bank with him.

  10. Trev Cornwall says

    Was that really over 3 hours?! Blimey the stuff that I learnt! But then the stories! I enjoyed his episodes on Thinking Tackle and I also remembers predators and carp crew, Sad loss.. do not keep us waiting you have to organise another interview like yesterday! I hope this episode gets the viewing figures it deserves!

  11. sam toase says

    I was one of Simon's first students, back in '97 ish. FDFS, he's a great bloke. Somehow though when I try to go into "fisheries science mode" carp anglers don't believe me. Somehow Simon gets the point across.

  12. carptoastTV says

    so much love for Scotty, best one by far, this will take some beating, great work, doffs cap

  13. Burns Things says

    This was so interesting and informative. Thanks chaps.

  14. Matthew Price says

    Best one yet

  15. j j says

    One of the best podcast done..but still cant wait to open that notification from YouTube saying korda podcast Terry hearn..🤞🤞

  16. Mark Smith says

    One word brilliant 😀

  17. xAdam92x says

    I could listen to simon all day ive learnt alot from this podcast best one yet !

  18. Dannycarpanglerfox says

    Well its 3.16 am and I got in from work at 11pm just watch the full thing in one sitting and it just gives you that instant buzz to be out fishing for carp. simon scott is a legend in my eyes the enthusiasm and raw passion he has for carp and carp fishing shows so much in the way he tells a story.
    Best pod cast yet …

  19. Michael Waine says

    carp are no a native species ecosystem is fucke.

  20. carp lantis says

    Really enjoyed this Podcast! This could have gone on for another 3hrs and still would be interesting. Thumbs up Korda and Simon!

  21. The shooting Panda says

    Absolutely fantastic again guys, could listen to Simon Scott for ages. Well put together, guests are getting better and better.

  22. Steve Nash says

    🤹🏿‍♂️Best yet

  23. Anthony SHEPPARD says

    Properly the best podcast ever 👍🐟

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