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Change your Carp fishing forever! Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Damian Clarke show an amazing insight into modern carp fishing with this mind blowing underwater footage. See the tackle, tactics and tips from some of Team Korda’s top anglers put to the test… and for the first time see just how the carp react too.

The mission was simple. Go to the busiest day-ticket complex in the UK Linear and fish St John’s, one of its most popular lakes, which is steeped in history and full of pressured carp that have seen every trick in the book.
What do these carp respond to? What are their favourite baits? Which rigs are most effective? What do they make of high-viz pop-ups and baits? Will the St John’s monsters put in eagerly awaited appearances? With seven years of carp fishing development since the original underwater films, can Team Korda come out on top, or will the carp win this underwater duel?
Underwater 7 was the penultimate DVD in our underwater journey and saw everything thrown at the team. Expecting tame spring temperatures, they received hurricanes and hailstones, with lashings of pain! At times it seemed like a lost cause, and although there were moments when all seemed destined for failure, fate would prove otherwise.
Do you want to see some of the most enthralling underwater footage ever produced? Do you want to see angling history being made? Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the start of a new era in our sub-surface, carp fishing voyage… This is Underwater 7.

Underwater 8 – Available in FULL on YouTube 28/06/18

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