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The biggest, most exciting Carp Fishing show on the planet is back! A brand new exhilarating ITV4 series of Monster Carp, featuring Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Neil Spooner is back on the big screen at last

Travelling to some of the most unique and exciting venues in the world, the boys pit their years of angling experience against a whole host of new challenges! Thailand, France, Bosnia & Spain all provide a beautiful and dramatic backdrop for series 3 and some of the most amazing, almost unimaginable captures you will ever see!

Each episode will be shown for the first time on ITV4 consecutive weeks, over a four week period. The new series will begin 8pm ITV4 Thursday 12th July. With repeats to be announced.

Episode 1 – THAILAND (RELEASED 12th JULY 2018)
Episode 2 – FRANCE (RELEASED 19th JULY 2018)
Episode 3 – BOSNIA (RELEASED 26th OCTOBER 2018)
Episode 4 – SPAIN (RELEASED 2nd AUGUST 2018)

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