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NEW Korda Tackle Box… Ali Hamidi explains all | Carp Fishing 2019 (5 LANGUAGES)

NEW Korda Tackle Box… Ali Hamidi explains all | Carp Fishing 2019 (5 LANGUAGES)

NEW Tackle Box… believe the hype! Monster Carp maestro Ali Hamidi talks through some of the NEW Tackle Box key features. Designed to be a complete storage system, it allows you to have the maximum amount of tackle in the smallest possible footprint. It fits neatly into the NEW Compac 220 EVA luggage but, alternatively, it can go straight into your rucksack/carryall.

The Tackle Box isn’t intended to replace the existing Tackle Safe but is meant as an alternative option for those looking to take more end tackle with them – such as longer sessions in the UK, trips abroad or any situation where you might end up fishing a few different methods during the same outing. We see it as more of a big brother to the Tackle Safe.

“What you need to remember is there are lots of different anglers at Korda, all doing different types of carp fishing and some people like to take more tackle. Just like there are customers out there that like to have more tackle with them for every eventuality. I am one of those people, that’s why I was excited for this little baby to come along.” Ali Hamidi

The Tackle Boxes retails at £39.99, and will be available from Saturday 13th April in Korda stockists.

Mini Compartment Boxes will be RRP £6.99 for the smaller two sizes (6 & 8 Compartment), RRP £7.99 for the 9 compartments, and RRP £8.99 for the 16-compartment version. The Leader Safe costs RRP £5.99 for the small and RRP £7.99 for the large. The Compac 220 is RRP £17.99.

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