Pecky's Big Carp Buzz | German River


Korda Carp fishing machine Darrell Peck visits an amazing German River for an epic adventure that takes him completely out of his comfort zone. The overwhelming scale of the German River soon reveals itself and a usually confident Darrell realises the size of the task ahead. BUT this is Pecky (aka the Korda Terminator) we are talking about… he soon gets to work figuring out a plan and catching some stunning old river residents.

The film is adrenaline filled, emotionally charged with epic scenery, remote locations and beautiful carp. This ‘German River’ episode is the perfect introduction to this BRAND NEW series of films known as: Pecky’s Big Carp Buzz.

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  1. Stefan Maarten says

    Nice video

  2. Monk town Ste monk says

    Yes at last

  3. James Cox says

    Great video!

  4. gavin locke says

    been proper looking forward to this the best angler the is in my opinion 👀👏👏👏👏

  5. Tom says

    cool video it was really good

  6. Mark Minns says

    Feet up!!!! Sit back and enjoy the master and a full time G!

  7. Free Spirit Walter says

    The Legend…man i learn so much from you..txs for sharing your amazing knowledge..

  8. Samuel Dunbar says

    Next: pecky’s trip to Euro Aqua?

  9. Fischietti Luca says


  10. Golly Marriott says

    You a legend pecky!!! Top man!

  11. M. Rohwr says

    Watching this right now on the bank around 5km away from that🥰

  12. phillip lilburn says

    found this a tad boring and a bit to serious should ask carl & alex for a few tips 😉

  13. Ed Poole says

    Beautifully shot film as always! Awesome fishing and scenery

  14. addicted to angling says

    Dream fishing indeed stunning location and stunning river carp the black common was awesome top angling

  15. Zaheer Bangie says

    Why were the free offerigs whole baits? Surely they would just roll away in the current?

  16. chris rees says

    Great to watch, great to look at something I've not seen over the last week.

  17. Niklas Wriedt says

    The party boat is legendary, 😂 see it every time when I fish on that River. Good angling what an result.

  18. sam toase says

    Yep, good vid that.

  19. James Smith says

    Cracking Sunday evening watching this masterpiece with beef roast dinner covid 19 eat ya heart ya mug

  20. Free Spirit Walter says

    Big canal big leads..5 ounces minimum

  21. Richard Williams says

    u need to get those bearings greased lol squeeking away on your second take 🤣

  22. David Want says


  23. toby Herbert says

    Great video, and a funny ending 😂😂😂

  24. FISHINGMANIA Channel Roma M says


  25. Kreso Marin says

    6:39 and 35:08 same fish?

  26. Twitch Dobbi says

    Alter das Sauffloß einfach geil 😂😂 pecky komplett überfordert

  27. Terry Commer Angling says

    Absolutely Superb!!!!!! Great Video 👌🏻👌🏻🎣🎣🇬🇧🇬🇧

  28. Jack Revell says

    Really good vid. Would love to fish there

  29. jordan finlay says

    Darrell you forgot to lock the back door mate…….

  30. annmarie sharpe says

    wish they would do more videos in England and not just the podcast. Also wished that they would release all the underwater videos during the lockdown

  31. twincarpNL says

    HOLY! Loved this one🙏👍

  32. Mitchell Hale says

    Not many left like old pecky, absolute legend and icon in the carp fishing scene. Always so informative & one of the only korda members who very very rarely fills his videos with pushing products. Well done mr peck well done!

  33. The Truth says

    Hi mate , just letting you know you forgot to lock your patio door before you left, as you know the first rule of waking up early for fishing is always dont forget to lock the patio doors behind you so nobody comes in while your not at home and tickles your dog into a pissing frenzy.

  34. Pierre Baselau says

    Hallo , welches Rig hast du im Fluss benutzt?

  35. Simon Greening says

    When's the next one online ?? Enjoyed that !! Keep at it pecky you got some catching up to do 👊

  36. T. T. says

    Schöne Eider ………das hat überhaupt nichts mit „Können „zu tun sich auf einen gefütterten Platz zu setzen an einem leichten Gewässer !!😏Diese arroganten Engländer sollen auf ihrer Insel bleiben oder nach Frankreich an einen Karpfenpuff fahren …

  37. Dale Abbott says

    Amazing as always. Pukka bit of Sunday night TV. Keep up the good work lads.

  38. ssio Albert says

    Richtig nice das Video Probs gehen raus 🤟

  39. its Entrail says

    Lovely sunday evening watch, Pecky is a legend.

  40. thebones says

    that was great, nice to see something a bit different.

  41. Neal Hawkins says

    Has to be the best video I've watched in a long time good edit aswell

  42. rivercarper01 says

    What did we learn? "A bird in hand is worth two in bush" great angling Darrell.

  43. Ross Batterbury says

    How did you get your blue fishing license ( blaue Karte) ?

  44. RAJ Mcguiness says

    Go on mate,you the man 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  45. Pedro Muñoz says

    Beatiful catch! Incredible. Congratulations

  46. David Tinton says

    Mr Fairbrass make sure his contract is up to date! Don't want to be losing this chap.
    Great photography and soundtrack lads.

  47. Mista Frankie says

    What rod rests are those?

  48. Ivan Spoljaric says

    Big thumbs up for the team who prepared positions on this river and pre baited. Because on the rivers like this that is 90% of job

  49. schweigen ist Gold!! says


  50. Karl Stokes says

    That's all I can say

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