The perfect way to use the DEEPER | Ali Hamidi Carp Fishing


Korda carp fishing man Ali Hamidi shows you exactly how to use the Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+ (and Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+). Watch as he demonstrates the devastating power of this castable sonar when used correctly. ITV Monster Carp host Ali is joined by Guru angler Matt Godfrey and England Goalkeeper David Seaman at Willinghurst Fisheries, Guilford as he explains everything you need to know to set the Deeper Chirp up… straight out of the box.

The Deeper smart sonar products are the perfect tools needed to, very quickly, find out exactly what is in front of you and “be fishing better instantly”. They can save you time, gain time and allow you to fish more effectively.

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  1. Charlie says

    Sounds like you need a new reel ali

  2. carpy carp says

    Been thinking about getting one. After seeing this I think I'll have to invest in one

  3. Hot Dog says

    I can agree the deeper has put me on fish.. a guy come round so I showed him how it worked, in the area it pinged up fish I cast a small bag and within 5 minutes off it screamed!

  4. carper harvey says

    Just need ali to pick me out of hat on competition 🤞🙏🤳👀

  5. Dave Cuddy says

    Take it you have asked Santa for a new reel Ali😁😁😁

  6. purplefriends says

    I can’t recommend this enough 👏🍻, great product and so much less intrusive.

  7. Mark Kinnersley says

    Think ya need new reel Ali mate

  8. Jason Shaw says


  9. Oli Roberts says

    I class this as cheating

  10. skeeter 01 says

    Watercraft is dead!!!

  11. Spikey Pilot says

    Bull shit

  12. Dave Young says

    Awesome. I need to get me one of these!

    Don’t forget to register here for free. The prizes are amazing. And a lovely family run shop!!!

  13. A Jay says

    Take my money 💰

  14. South Africa says

    Awesome, can't wait to have saved up enough to buy the pro version!!

  15. thebones says

    some waters will ban them.

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