Thinking Tackle Online Episode 2 – Simon Scott & Mark Bryant | Korda Carp Fishing 2018


Carp fishing show Thinking Tackle Online returns with Episode 2. Fisheries scientist Simon Scott is joined by his friend and fellow Team Korda member Mark Bryant, as they head off to Shillinglee Fishery, in Surrey. A real old estate lake that time has seemingly forgotten is the setting for this very carpy episode.

During the session they take an in-depth look at the rigs and tactics that they are using and exactly how to set everything up, so viewers can easily fish in the same way, as tackling a very silty estate lake like this requires some changes. Including Simon’s favourite Combi rig tied using Korda components Boom, Supernatural, Kickers and a Kurv hook.

Simon also takes a look at things from a scientific point of view and how the make-up of the lake might affect where the fish will feed, as well as baits and tactics to get around the problems associated with smelly, old silt.

Regardless of whether or not you fish this type of water currently, you will still pick up plenty of useful tips which you can instantly apply to your own fishing next time that you are out on the bank, and which will help you to catch more fish.

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