Thinking Tackle Season 2 TRAILER – Episode 2 | Korda Carp Fishing


Carp anglers Darrell Peck and Danny Fairbrass return for PART 2 of Thinking Tackle On Demand 2019! The video starts off on the morning after, the night before. The big fish carp anglers are still buzzing from a fantastic 3 days fishing up to this point at an amazing 60 acre public lake in central France. Part 1 saw a few really big fish, Danny catching a 70lb mirror carp and Pecky with 53lb mirror carp also.

The story continues and the two anglers catch more big carp, go through the Spinner/Ronnie Rig set up and, in true Thinking Tackle style, offer tips that will catch you more carp.

Thinking Tackle Season 2 Episode 1 PART 1 – Available NOW
Thinking Tackle Season 2 Episode 1 PART 2 – Available Monday 6th May 7pm

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