Why KONTOUR? Tom Dove reveals invisible fluorocarbon carp fishing line | Korda 2019


Monster Carp presenter and Korda Carp Angler Tom Dove explains why he uses KONTOUR fluorocarbon main line for 80% of his carp fishing. Tom has 3 requirements when choosing his carp fishing main line:

☑️Low Stretch ☑️Sinks ☑️Invisible – KONTOUR ticks all the boxes.
Did you know? KONTOUR is now available in 15lb (0.35mm) and 18lb (0.37mm) for the first time in addition to the existing 12lb breaking strain.
Available from your local Korda stockist: RRP: £19.99 (200 metres)


  1. Benni YT says

    1 Angler in der Runde

  2. AsMiNiAk says

    Very good

  3. Chubby Chubs says

    Daiwa Sensor £6.99 , jumbo spool , double thumbs up

  4. Elwooddestiny11 Blues says

    Until it gets dirty or gets micro scratched up and then it stands out like a sore thumb .

  5. Pukka

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