Carp Fishing In France – Meadow Lake – LΓ‰ VLOG 3


Carp Fishing In France – Meadow Lake – LΓ‰ VLOG 3 – Join me for another French Carp Fishing Adventure with Carp to over 50lb!

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Gardner Muggas Size 4 –

Ridgemonkey 3mm Ring –

ESP Tungsten Tubing –

Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing –

Kryston Dark Hooklink –

CCMoore 15mm Pacific Tuna Hard Hookbaits –

CCMoore NS1 –

CCMoore Salmon Oil –

CCmoore Lo30 –


Hutchison Unhooking Mat –

Hutchinson Retainer Sling –

Hutchinson Dream maker Rods –

Tripod –


Camera – Canon 70D

Lens – Canon EF 10-18mm

Camera Equipment I used to take shots:

Camera – Canon 70D

Lens – Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Lens for Canon

Intervelometer – For Canon Cameras Remote Shutter Controller


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  1. John Graham says

    Realy enjoyed that leon hats of to you.not long started carp fishing and you have gave me a good few tips there.thank you and well doneπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. cwcarper says

    What a legend feel like been waiting all year for this nothing beats this for Sunday night tv I'm about to pause top gear πŸ‘

  3. Gary Fotherinham says

    Great vlog Leon some great fish mate

  4. gwl78 says

    How much does it cost to have the lake to yourself.


    Mate u smashed it to bits!!! Good skills

  6. Rogan Josh says

    Nice trip Leon , lovely place by the look of it πŸ‘

  7. FR Fishing says

    Buzzing πŸ’ͺ🎣

  8. Antony Gibbons says

    Hey Leon what bait boat you got?

  9. Brian Silver says

    😁 brilliant πŸ‘

  10. Top Notch says

    Nice to see you blogging again please do more that once a month One month weight is too much love it love it well done mateπŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. John Neal says

    Been a long time coming Leon well done cracking fishing
    What’s the landing net you use mate?

  12. jason jackson says

    great vid leon well done m8

  13. Paul Fletcher says

    Great Vlog Leon – really enjoyed watching and got me buzzin for my next French trip. πŸ‘

  14. Antony Gibbons says

    Great le vlog

  15. Tariq Zeb says

    Another cracking video and lots of carp. Result keep up the nice vids. Thanks Leon

  16. Stu Unzi says

    Enjoyed watching this so much as we are going to France in 6 weeks great tips as allways Leon keep em coming thumbs up pal

  17. Northumberland Carper says

    happy times leon, well done and thanks for this video cheers pal

  18. Antony Gibbons says

    Lol I should have waited for the info on the boat!

  19. paul william gould says

    You star leon keep on keeping on

  20. Paul Delmonte says

    Hi Leon, what bank stick and buzz bars do you have please pal?

    Also, quality video mate! Sunday night of champions!!

  21. nice one leon awsome video awsome fish good camera work spot on pal

  22. Clive Welch says

    Bloody hell that was waiting for what a week you had and to top it of with a 50 was the iceing on the cake, best Sunday night's veiwing I've had in ages.

  23. Berny7337 says

    Great session mate and a run on camera πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ₯ was you using crushed barbs?

  24. DrCarp says

    Fished there a couple of times. One great session, and the other tricky. I could never get comfortable there. It was weird. One minute I would be baking hot, and the next freezing cold. During the night, it would go cold and very misty. A very atmospheric place, and a little gem. Thought you may have hooked up on a cat fishing those fishmeals. I had 3 on the last night once. Some big old pussies in there!

  25. james thurston says

    Do you socialise when you go fishing leon or just hard-core fishin what sort of money was you looking at in toles that far down. Would you go again

  26. Daniel Spencer says

    Absolutely fantastic work leon, great vlog as always, keep up the great work, awesome!

  27. Myles Berners says

    Another quality video mate! Loved it.

  28. John Moorfield says

    What a brilliant week’s fishing! Well done and keep the vlogs coming mate.

  29. Robert Capewell says

    Fantastic Volg Leon, lovely Fish, Keep Them Coming,very entertaining Thank You.

  30. elljay2011 says

    Hi Leon what was your deciding factor on finding spots to bait and fish on in an open water ? Cheers

  31. Ian says

    Got work tomorrow but can't turn it off. Great vlog Leon so far.

  32. phil pace says

    Great vlog leon, was over limoges at ribiere last 2 weeks the temperatures were unbearable reaching 43 degrees would have loved a bit of that rain ☺ anyone know what that bird was cheeping @ 19:25 would love to know πŸ‘

  33. Matt Jones says

    Leon can I join u on ur next trip, I don't mind paying to hire a lake for a week

  34. woodsnwaters michigan says

    Hey guys if you like carp fishing and outdoor content give me a shoutout im open to any feedback .

  35. Mark Hammond says

    Been waiting a long time for this vlog leon and as usual you did not disappoint. Im not really a fan of the fish with big guts but that linear was a peach and so was the 50 at the end. I would be made up just with those two. Why didn't rog catch as many? Was it lack of bait boat?

  36. Will's Fishing World says

    good head of large fish there good job

  37. Demanisraar says

    First you say Rog had a fish, later on in the vlog you say he hasn't had anything. What's up with that?

  38. Richard Adams says

    yippee yippee yippee another great vid. we want le biscuit of the trip next time best french biscuit

  39. Daniel Bowles says

    Awesome bud, that place looks stunning thanks for sharing

  40. J C says

    Great video Leon. I took a lot of information from this! Tight lines

  41. Girls Gone Fishing says

    Would love to go france for a fishing trip, either for carp or catfish. great video

  42. TjDolHaus86 says

    Hi Leon, if you want oils to really penetrate your baits then try thinning them down with a solvent like strong alcohol (vodka, rum, whiskey etc.). This will have two effects in both making the oils more soluble (very important) and adding a huge kick of attraction from the sugars in the alcohol. The risk with oils is that you can seal a bait and make it essentially water tight and incapable of releasing its attractants into the surrounding water, pellets soaked in oil demonstrate this effect fairly clearly in that they won't start to dissolve until the oil is displaced and this can take days. You can drop a pellet in a glass of water and within an hour the pellet will swell and there will be lots of small particles suspended and settled on the bottom, do the same with an oiled pellet and there will be no change after an hour apart from some of the oil floating on the surface, the pellet won't have absorbed much water or released many soluble elements. Might go some way to explaining the slow start to your session, the baits were unable to kick out attraction until they'd gotten rid of the oil

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