How To Tie The Slip D Multi Rig | THE RIG CLINIC | Carp Fishing


How To Tie The Slip D Multi Rig | THE RIG CLINIC – Welcome to the first in a series of Carp Fishing Rig Videos where I take you through how to tie rigs and give you tips on your carp fishing rigs and how to get the best out of them. This rig is simplicity itself taking all the good and effective parts of the Slip D Rig and the Multi Rig.

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Components For SLIP D MULTI RIG
✅ – Size 2 Ridegmonkey Curve Shank Hooks
✅ – Ridgemonkey Lead Free HookLink
✅ – Silicone Tubing
✅ – Hook Ring Swivel
✅ – NS Wafters
✅ – Bait Floss

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  1. Anonymous says

    great content my guy

  2. Anonymous says

    nice content keep it up

  3. Tony Bradbury says

    Still not got them ridgemonkey modular pots yet 🤔

  4. Great close-ups 👍🏻

  5. Tony Smith says

    Thanks Leon great video and nicely explained

  6. Horror freak London says

    Hi Leon great vid anyway as always but can i ask a very serious question mate….do you think with all the carp kit and terminal bits being made in China that there will be some shortages of carpy kit in near future mate?? Not saying go panic buy 500 packs of hooks or swivels but would love hear your take on it.

  7. Jim Wocha says

    Good rig Leon. I use something very similar. Mark Bryant's rig where he ties a loop of braid to flouro with an Albright knot. Silicone over the eye and multi rig attachment as per your rig. Added bonus of some stiffness from the fluoro and it tells you if you've been done or not. Both rigs very versatile for bottom baits, wafters or pop ups.

  8. bg media says

    I'm looking forward to using them on my local lakes at the weekend great to see you again Leon and a great video as always

  9. Martin Chandler says

    Leon I found korda braid shock leader makes for a good braid for the rig

  10. Polish Lad says

    Easy to tangle on the cast Leon?

  11. PAUL TAYLOR says

    Is this déjà vu lol, sure i have already seen this video last week.

  12. Iain Jamieson says

    Hi mate, do you ever suffer with the d slipping back to the eye when you give the cast some Welly?

  13. Hi leon can you tell me if you get picked up by
    A fish and it gets rid of the rig ' would the d have slipped down as you are not using a knot. Just a piece of silicone ..
    Like the idea just a bit concerned of slippage.

  14. Randy Marsh says

    Tying slip d rigs out of iq is c$€tish

  15. colin miller says

    Good info as usual Leon. Stay safe mate.

  16. jason manning says


  17. John j says

    Spot on rig that mate 👍

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