Carp Fishing Bait INSTANT ACTION range on test – Nash 2014 Carp Fishing DVD Movie


Rich Wilby pops along to a local day ticket water to test out the fantastic NEW range of Instant Action bait from Nash Bait. More info below links.
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As the name suggests, a range of baits designed for a quick bite and that will also work in the long term.

BOILIES: Each bag contains 5 free hook baits. 10mm or 15mm. 200g bag.

Coconut Creme: Bright white for tremendous visual attraction, based on the success of Nashbait’s legendary Amber Strawberry, Coconut Crème blends oil and water soluble synthetic and natural attractors with two sweeteners, allowing it to dissipate smell quickly in the coldest water yet always retaining a rich, rounded taste. Coconut Crème uses a two stage manufacture unique to this recipe to impregnate taste enhancers and attractors that leak off more aggressively.

Crab and Krill: Deep red, and rich in fishmeal and milk derived ingredients Crab and Krill contains both natural and synthetic krill and crab extracts, plus lobster oil palatant for a rich fishy taste and smell. Boosted with soluble liquid food extracts rich in free aminos for attraction in all temperatures.

Tandori Spice: Over 20 different human food grade spice ingredients combined with a rich tandoori paste food marinade give Tandoori Spice an amazing smell and taste profile, rich in vitamins, minerals and with a deadly track record for big carp. Boosted with Chai spice, taste enhanced with an oil palatant and complete with chilli flakes in the mix.

Tangerine Dream: A mouth watering fruit blend that comes into its own when conditions are tough, bright orange Tangerine Dream blends infamous Nash Tangerine Oil that has been catching the biggest carp worldwide for over two decades with the unbeatable pulling power of tutti frutti. Rounded off with two sweeteners Tangerine Dream is a deadly colder water choice.


Micro high-attract pellets: Containing oil palatants and powdered attractors to match each Instant Attraction boilie recipe. Each bag includes matching 10mm boilie bottom baits plus 5 free hook baits. 750g bag. Ball Maker Pellet sticks together when lightly dampened, allowing them to be made into consistent, perfectly round balls for accurate feeding using the Nash Ball Maker for easy feeding at any range.
Alternatively mould dampened Ball Maker Pellet around Method feeders or leads or use them straight out of the bag or with their matching Booster Juice in cobweb or solid PVA bags.
These pellets have huge crossover into match and bagging carp fishing as well as being a great approach for big carp.


High Attract Pellets: Nutritionally complete 6mm pellets perfect for PVA bag work and spod mixes. Infused with sweeteners and attractors. Each bag includes matching 15mm boilie bottom baits. 900g bag.

These pellets are designed to disperse attraction not just around the lake bed but also vertically through the upper layers to attract passing carp down to feed.
Excellent all year round breaks down to a flaky texture within 30 minutes in the coldest water, remaining visible and easy to eat for carp but impossible for diving birds to take. In warm water the breakdown time is reduced to just five minutes.
Use with the Instant Action Booster Juice (product code 14585) for an even more potent bag filling or carpet feed.


Ball Maker Method Mix: Formulated to mould firmly around cage and flat Method feeders, releasing powerful soluble attractors to encourage aggressive feeding. Each bag contains 5 free hook baits. 1kg bag.

Ball Maker Method Mix is much more versatile than its name suggests. Mixed dry it can be used to explode on impact with water, mixed firmly it will slingshot or catapult extreme distances and mixed very wet it makes a brilliant cloud or slop for spodding over zig hook baits.


Booster Juice: Rapid leak off PVA friendly booster liquids that enhance the attraction of boilies, pellets, groundbaits and hook baits for more takes and faster action. 100ml bottle.

Packed with the same attractors and enhancers as the boilies they complement. Carefully blended to stick to pop-ups, boilies and PVA bags whilst producing a timeline of flavour and taste release in a swim the Booster Juice is a year round winner to bring more takes.


Nash Instant Action Pop Ups 10mm 30g


Nash Instant Action Pop Ups 15mm 40g


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