“We thought it was good — but never realised how good!”

With top anglers acute awareness of how clever and wary carp are becoming, unobtrusive tackle has become essential for the anglers in the know, with this in mind Nash Tackle pursued a two year development program to try and improve terminal tackle concealment — beads, leaders, tubing etc. More info below links:
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The trials and tribulations were many and frustrating, the end result surprising and exciting and we have to say a little lucky. It was not be a mixture of colours or indeed clear or translucent shades but rather a medium that diffracted and diffused the colours and elements of the lake bed and lucky because we would never have dreamed such a vivid and bright colouration would be so effective. What’s more is we hadn’t improved terminal tackle concealment, we have altered it forever.

Diffusion Camo provides the carp angler with terminal tackle that quite literally disappears on any underwater terrain, weed, mud, gravel, silt, clay etc. Not only can you now fish with totally concealed terminal tackle, we came to realise that this had never been achieved before.

During the testing stages presenting various colours and shades to match the bottom, we were shocked how wrong us anglers we were getting it. Put simply, when we cast out our rigs to camouflage on weed or mud or gavel we never consider the impossibilities of this concept — can your rig entirely and accurately land on the same consistent shade of lake bed it is aimed at? Impossible!

Diffusion Camo terminal tackle can be cast on to any lake bed with any variety and mix of terrain, the diffusion components within your rig will each absorb and diffuse the bottom colouration and seemingly disappear. For the first time in the history of carp fishing you can confidently cast one colouration of rig anywhere and know it is concealed.

Nash TT Diffusion Camo – Leaders In Concealment


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