Carp Fishing Rigs – Mechanics with Mike Wilson


Mike Wilson talks to us about all things rig mechanics! Ever pulled your hair out contemplating how your rig is working under the water? Mike here runs us through how he approaches the mechanics of a rig and how he makes everything work efficiently for him to put more fish on the bank!
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  1. Oak Carp says

    Nice one mike!!

  2. Roy Close says

    Excellent Mike 👍🎣🎣🎣

  3. Lewis Gregory says

    It’s what you can get away with

  4. Pescaria Top100 says

    Muito bom! Obrigado por compartilhar esta dica meu amigo, fantástico.

  5. Captpicard says

    I went from using a size 8 to a 6 and it’s definitely helped me with more takes and less lost bites. Does minimal damage to the Carps mouth as well😁😁

  6. Ben Nicholson says

    Are Nash hooks all pinpoint now?

  7. gwl78 says

    Still not buying in to the dropping of leads in to lakes it can't be good in the long run.

  8. Ray Hagens says

    Without the fact you dropping all the leads ( instead of stones) I liked the movie and the way you explained things

  9. Beautiful Fishing in this place is wonderful Congratulations have great Fish.👍🎣🐠😊
    Hug and Good Fishing!

  10. Carp Logic says

    reels ? okuma ?

  11. C Tranter says

    Fish at any cost as usual. Dropping the lead when on some set ups the leads needed to anchor to allow the top bead to release in the event of a snagged or tethered fish. But they do it so it must be right.

  12. One Punch Matt says

    You won't get away with saying get away with to many times 🤣

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